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Carol Of The Sonic Essay

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Christmas Eve had come to the suburbs on Earth, and along with it came two travelers from the far reaches of time and space. They were a husband and wife of sorts, but not even the holiday could prevent them from bickering with one another. Standing on the sidewalk, they had themselves a bit of a row.
"You were the one who told me to meet you," the Doctor protested over towards his curly haired counterpart.
"And you were the one who suggested we go to 21st century Earth in these suburbs," River retaliated, looking around at the rows of houses decorated with strings of lights around her. "We could have met up anywhere, but you chose here."
"Well, I thought it would be convient. No aliens ...view middle of the document...

As soon as she walked through the doors, she began making her way towards the controls. But soon the Time Lord stopped her, putting an arm out in front of her. He had a few other things that needed to be taken care of before she could start flying away.
"I need to give you one of your gifts before we head out," the Doctor exclaimed. "I think you'll really appreciate it."
"Well, if it's a gift from you, sweetie..." River began. But then she didn't go any further, just ending her sentence in a laugh. Her eyes followed the Doctor as he ran to the side of the TARDIS and pulled out a box wrapped in good old-fashioned paper. On top was a bow that looked suspiciously similar to the one that the Doctor wore around his neck.
After glancing up to her husband for a second, River started to tear apart the wrapping and get to the box. The wrapping was quickly removed, but the white box she had revealed did nothing to tell her what the gift was. Then she opened up the box and pushed aside several pieces of tissue paper and found her present.
"My red high heels," River exclaimed, letting out a gasp of happiness.
"Indeed," the Doctor replied, excited that his gift had worked out. "I know we thought we had lost them when we were dealing with that wormhole, but it turns out that it ended up back on Earth. I was able to strike a deal and get them back in perfect condition."
Deciding that it was better not to question just how the Doctor had done such a thing, River moved forwards and began to kick off the shoes she had been wearing. But right before she was about to slip the first crimson pump on, she stopped and placed it back in the box.
"I can't wear these heels with this," River sighed, glancing down at her jeans and casual shirt. "It wouldn't do them justice."
"Then take this," the Doctor said, handing her another gift. He pulled it out from behind his back out of nowhere, as if he were performing some sort of magic trick. He waited patiently for River to unwrap her gift and react to it. This time it was a full length dress, snow white and delicate.
"Oh, sweetie. It's perfect," River cooed. "I'll go change into it right now. It'll only take a few moments." She pecked a quick kiss on the Doctor's lip and then scurried away into the halls of the TARDIS, the dress slung over her arm and the pumps swinging from her fist.
Not wanting to waste a single moment that she could be spending with the Doctor, River made sure to change quickly. It was only a matter of minutes later when she reappeared in the main control room. The white fabric swished against her legs as she strutted back to the center, listening to the clicking noise of her heels. Her gaze immediately fell upon her husband, who was leaning against the console waiting for her.
"What the Hell are you wearing?" River exclaimed, her eyes popping.
"What, you don't like it?" the Doctor laughed, holding out his arms. Featured on his torso was the most hideous Christmas sweater River had ever laid eyes...

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