Carolina Dining Nutritional Data Summary Essay

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For the analysis of Carolina Dining Services, a sample 5-day menu of an average Carolina student was taken. This 5-day menu was made by combining 5 different people’s 1-day menus. This 5-day menu assumes that the average student eats three meals from a Carolina Dining location (either the top of Lenoir or Rams Head) only. This means that we did not factor in the fact that student could eat outside of Carolina Dining Services. The nutritional values were averaged to come up with daily values. The reason for this analysis being done is to understand if Carolina Dining services is providing the normal student that dines there with a proper nutritional diet.
The 5-day menu showed that the average student eats much less than they should on a day-to-day basis. Our study used the national average for a human diet, which is a 2000 calorie intake, as a comparison point. Based on the average, the students of Carolina are getting a full nutritional diet in some areas but not in others. The good parts of the diet are the intakes of fat and sodium. The daily total fat intake was 49g which is much less than the 65g of total fat that a person should stay below to be healthy (FDA 2013). The amount of sodium was 2239 which is lower than the upper threshold of 2400 (FDA 2013). On the other side, the intakes of calories, carbohydrates, and protein are not good. The data shows that the students only have 1534 calories a day, which is much lower than the normal diet of 2000 calories (FDA 2013). Students consumed 81g of carbohydrates which is also lower than the 300g a student is supposed to have daily (FDA 2013). The protein intake of a student is 54g which is a slightly high amount for a male and very high for a female, when compared to the 46g a woman should have and the 52g a man should have (CDC 2012).
These students seem to be getting a sufficient amount of the vegetable food group. On average, they have 3.2 servings a day which is higher than the 2.5 servings that women should have and the 3 servings that men should have (ChooseMyPlate [date unknown]a). It seems that in all other food groups, student are lacking. The students seem to be getting a daily average of 2.4 servings of dairy per day, which is slightly lower than the 3 servings the average person should have (ChooseMyPlate [date unknown]b). On average, it seems that the student is getting around 5 ounces of grains daily. This number is lower than the 6 ounces women are supposed to have and the 8 ounces men should have (ChooseMyPlate [date unknown]c). If fruit drinks carry one serving of fruit, the students only seem to have 1.6 servings of fruits which is below the 2 servings they should all have(ChooseMyPlate [date unknown]d). If fruit drinks don’t have a whole serving they have and even lower amount of fruit, .8 servings.
Even though the survey was conducted in fair way, there are some problems with the survey method...

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