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Carrer Choice #1 Essay

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After looking over many different option in the film industry I found being a Producer to be the most appealing. Ferguson’s career guidance defines a Producer as “A Producer gathers together all the elements of a movie, such as a story or material, the writer or writers, a director, the actors, and the production and editing team. He or she then makes sure they have whatever they need to complete the moviemaking process.” When I read this I found that to be incredibly appealing. It made my heart skip a little at the idea of being a part of that.
The major activities involved in being a Producer are the gathering of the most important pieces of the story telling process, such as, the ...view middle of the document...

The Occupational Outlook Handbook says that the job outlook for Producers in 2012-2022 is only 3% and is considered slower than average. states the median range of yearly income for this job is $45,897. There is room to make up to $62,807 per year at the high end or even more.
There are many other jobs related to being a film Producer. Jobs such as, Director, Actor, Screenwriter, Set Design, or even a Production Assistant are also appealing in the sense that they take part in putting together a story. Some additional resources to learn about becoming a Producer are the Producer’s Guild of America, which was mentioned by Ferguson’s Career Guide, as well as the local public library which has many different materials that talk about the film making process. I firmly believe that my best personal option for learning about this field will be College. For the information I shared in this paper I used the websites: Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center, ONET online and
My Strong Interest Inventory score was ARS, with E being only 2 points below S. According to ONET online Film Producers are an EA. I believe that this type of work would appeal to me tremendously in regards to Artistic creativity, but also be balanced out by the E in me. I also read on this website about...

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