Carrying Out A Local Survey For Land

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Carrying Out a Local Survey for Land


Briggs & Mortar have commissioned Spencer Property to carry out a
local survey for land in Withernsea, which could be used for their
latest project. The inspection was carried out on 9th February 2004,
by Mr Whiteley.


a. Identify a suitable site for mixed-use development, including
appropriate supporting local plan policies, whether they are site
specific or general.

b. Give appropriate design guidance, including policy guidance, good
practice guidance, and on-the-ground observations.

c. Assess the likely environmental impact of the development in
preparation for the expected request for an Environmental Impact

1.1:- Background

Withernsea is an urban centre serving the southeast of the borough,
situated approximately 22 miles east of Hull and lying at the junction
of the A1033 trunk road and the B1242 distributor road. Regular bus
services between Hull and Withernsea provide public transport along
the A1033. The A1033 and the B1445 are important commuter roads, which
access major developments such as Saltend chemical works and the gas
terminals at Easington.

The main north axis of the town is Queen Street, with a well-defined
retail area, along which most of the shops and services are located.
To the south and west of the town centre, newer suburban development
has taken place at lower densities. The high-density development in
the central area emphasises the lack of open spaces and trees. Future
developments of large sites in the town will need to incorporate
proposals for landscaping and open space provision.

In the older part of the town, the street pattern forms a grid network
with long terraces of early 20th century housing. To the south and
west of the town centre, newer suburban development has taken place at
lower densities. Withernsea has a wide range of services and
facilities associated with a town of this size.

The industrial area of the town on Hull Roadconsists of a small estate
of workshop units of various sizes.

The surrounding countryside is generally of an open nature and
classified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF)
as being of Grades 2/3 agricultural quality. There are few
topographical features constraining development other than the eroding
coastline along its eastern boundary.

1.2:- The Council

East Riding County Council (ERCC) as a representative body exists to
maximise the well-being of the people of the borough. A healthy and
sustainable environment is fundamental to the well-being of the
borough both now and for the long-term future. The Council has given
an undertaking to work to improve and protect the environment. It will
improve the appearance and cleanliness of the borough for the...

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