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In the twenties, a man named Henry Ford began an assembly line where he would produce the world's first automobiles. Before Henry Ford came along there were few cars, they were all custom built and very expensive. Henry Ford started the mass production of what was called the Model T and later received the name T-Bucket. The T- bucket came with a manual transmission and an 87 horsepower engine that gave it a top speed of 38 miles per hour. The Model T consisted of a steel dashboard and two cloth seats, not very luxurious. From the Model T came the Model A in the thirties and later the Model B. None of which were very fast because of their small engines and steel bodies. The 1920's Model T paved the way for evolution of today's sports cars.Although the T-bucket was the lightest car for its times, people then started putting bigger engines in them hence, the birth of sports cars. From the thirties to the fifties the fastest sports cars were determined only by engine size and body weight. Most of the sports cars looked almost identical because aerodynamics and other important factors weren't considered and applied until the late seventies with a company named Lamborghini.Ferraris and Porsches of the time were uniquely shaped, but the 1978 Lamborghini Jota was shaped especially with aerodynamics in mind. It had an engine sloop to bring more air into the engine which makes more horsepower, also it had side ducts so that at speeds above 80 miles per hour the Lamborghini Jota would have exceptional handling. After the Jota, cars came with custom hand shaped side ducts and other important factors such as the spoiler. A spoiler is on the back of the car and makes the car have a lower down force, which means handling and acceleration were improved.In 1994, the Porsche 911 came with the world's most technologically advanced spoiler. "At 50 miles per hour the spoiler would electronically come out of the car's back and extend at an 180 degree angle to ensure the cars smooth ride and exceptional handling features" (Roberts, 116).The twenties' Model T didn't have a spoiler or aerodynamic factors in mind when it was designed, but it did have a completely steel body. Steel is a very strong component in a cars body especially in sports cars because if you crash you'll want to survive it. But when the corvettes started coming out, people began to re think steel as their body frames. Originally the corvette was a steel two seater with a V6 powered engine. But as the corvette evolved over the years it received a big powerful V8 engine, kept the two seater sport style, but instead of a steel body frame, a fiber glass body frame was used. The fiber glass used on cars is an extremely light weight frame which makes it an ideal racing component. Although steel being more heavy and durable it was making cars of it a little bit too slow. Also steel was more expensive to have manufactured and shaped, fiber glass was light and less expensive to have manufactured. A big problem...

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