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The cartels in Mexico over the past years have gotten increasingly brutal. As worldwide demand for illegal drugs increases, so does the violence. There are two major rival cartels currently campaigning to take over Mexico. Popular music lyrics glorify the cartel and attract new young members. Cartels have begun to diversify and are finding new ways to make money and control even larger segments of Mexican industry. Ordinary Mexicans citizens are fed up with all this nonsense, though afraid of the consequences of going against the cartel. Education standards must be raised, so students gain skills and knowledge, allowing them to seek better opportunities. Even though the new president of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, has tried to combat these cartels, it still isn't enough. If nothing gets done the cartel will eventually rule all of Mexico.
The original cartel became a big issue more than two decades ago. The leader was Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo who knew he eventually was going to get arrested. He was wise enough, that before he was incarcerated he split his business between two cartels, the Sinaloa Cartel and Tijuana Cartel. Both were allies at the time, but as they grew they became in enemies. Of course, in the cartel an enemy is a dead man. The Tijuana cartel sent one of their hitmen to kill of the Sinaloa drug lord. The hitman made a mistake and killed a Catholic priest. Most Mexicans are Catholics, when this story reached the news Mexicans realized it was worse than they thought. Now, most of Mexico part of the Catholic religion so this made headlines and thats when Mexico realized they had a problem headed their way. Eventually the Tijuana cartel drug lord was arrested, but the Sinaloa drug lord is still on the loose.
Currently there are two major cartels, Los Zetas and Sinaloa cartel. Joaquin Guzman is the leader of the Sinaloa cartel, he is the number one wanted person in Mexico, he was incarcerated 12 years ago, but escaped. He is known as “El Chapo” and listed as number 55 in Forbes "most powerful and wealthy" rankings worldwide. The reason for his success in distribution of illegal drugs is because his territory has the perfect climate to grow marijuana. Then theres Los Zetas, whose last leader was Miguel Angel Trevino Morale; it is still unknown who has taken his place. While he was active, he had a record of being very violent with his victims. His preferred methods of dealing with his enemies was to burn them alive. These two cartels are terrorizing Mexico, and have claimed over 57,449 lives as of 2012. They are not your typical gangsters, they have power, protection, and weapons. Some are even ex military members.
"Narco corridos" is a popular narrative song and poetry form of Mexican culture. The songs are usually about the daily life and history of a drug dealer. They are catchy; people in Mexico spend their money to go to these concerts. Some of these well known artists are Calibre 50, El Komander, and...

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