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Cartelization In The Cement Industry Essay

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Introduction 1
Literature Review 2
The Players 3
Major Companies 7
Foreign Investors 9
Cartelization in an Industry 11
Cartelization in the Cement Industry 12
Impact of Cartelization 13
References 14


Literature Review  
The Players
APCMA stands for the All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association. It is the top body for cement manufacturers in Pakistan. The organization is registered under Section 3 of the Trade Organization Ordinance of 2007. It has a wide license number 14, which is dated for April 26, 2008 and issued by Ministry of Commence. The APCMA was incorporated on the 14th of September 1992 under section 32 of the Companies Ordinance 1984.
The organization plays a significant role in creating a front for the cement industry towards the Government. It also plays its part in coordinating an assortment of activities related to the formulation of Government policies for the cement industry. It does this with the help of its incessant interactions and dialogues.
The organization plays its role in representing on all major policy making bodies that are related with cement. It also gives required information to all the concerned government ministries and assists in the preparation of vital government documents that are related to cement for example, Reports for Five Year Plan.
APCMA recognizes and reinforces the cement industry’s role in the economic development of Pakistan. It gives the latest statistical data and information to the industry and other agencies. It tries to resolve any of the industry's problems with the Government of Pakistan and also manages a range of activities with other bodies.
Another aspect of the work that the APCMA does is that it centers on the infrastructural problems (Power, Coal, and Rail) and recommends appropriate measures for the solution of the problem.
The role of APCMA does not stop here as it also spreads information on correct and economic use of cement as well as on the application and properties of different varieties.
They give technical guidance on concrete roads and also generate awareness about eco-friendly packaging. By creating awareness it generates support for industry efforts on quality, environment, consumer protection and similar other issues.
The organization is headed by Mr. Muhammad Ali Tabba, who is the chairman. He is also the CEO of Lucky Cement Limited which is the country’s biggest cement manufacturer. Then there is the Senior Vice Chairman, Mr. Sayeed Tariq Saigol who is the CEO of Maple Leaf Cement Factory Limited. Following him is the Vice Chairman, Mr.Babar Bashir Nawaz who is also the CEO of Attock Cement Pakistan Limited.

The CCP stands for the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP). It is an independent quasi-regulatory, quasi-judicial body that assists in making sure that there is healthy competition between companies for the benefit of the economy of...

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