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Carter Cleaning Company Essay

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1. Is it true, as Jack Carter claims, that “we can’t be accused of being discriminatory because we hire mostly women and minorities anyway?”

Jack’s claim is not true at all. As an employer, he could be accused of discriminatory practices any time. Especially when the applicants complain about the question, they were asked during interview or at work. For example, the female applicant were asked about their childcare in their absence, however male were not asked the same questions. The case m where minority applicants were asked about their arrest record and credit history, while non-minority were not asked the same questions. Moreover, there are other cases of discrimination within the company such as where the older man was paid less than the other younger employee while, they were all doing the same job. Or the case with the sexual advances made toward women by the store manager. All these are serious cases of discrimination and are a violation of the Equal Pay Act, Sexual harassment and age discrimination, etc.
2. How should Jennifer and her company address the sexual harassment charges and problems?

I think Jennifer should address the issue about sexual harassment starting by documenting the complaints and initiate investigations toward the issue. If in fact she finds out that the sexual harassment took place, she should take appropriate measures to correct the action by the manager which could include suspending the manger, followed by developing a strong company policy which would include sexual harassment policies and violation. This way she could then be able to training all manger and employees based on the new policy.
3. How should she and her company address the possible problems of age discrimination?

The first thing the company should do would be reviewing the compensation...

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