Cartoons Vs Fairy Tales Essay

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The gap between the generations is the most important evidence that the habits, traditions, lifestyles and also beliefs are changing in time. The older generation often complains about these changes in the young people’s lives, which they do not welcome. The most common complaint of the older generation is that today’s children have all the opportunities but they do not realize how lucky they actually are. Technology, of course has a key role in all these changes including the tradition of reading stories. Now, children prefer to watch cartoons on television which really annoys their parents because they can be addicted to watching television in time.It is obvious that, watching cartoons in television is much easier for children than reading stories from a book. Also, there is voice in the cartoons; they do not only look at the colorful pictures which does not talk or move. The fancy cartoons are much more attractive for them because of this. The traditional fairy tales and stories may be more innocent and harmless according to the parents but the children do not agree with that. They find watching cartoons on television very enjoyable and do not tend to read stories. It is understandable for a child to choose the more entertaining option rather than a classical one.On the other hand, the cartoons on television can indeed be dangerous for children and their psychology. A child who watches too much television can not create enough interaction with the outside world; can not have many friends to play with and this can significantly affect his sociability. Contemporary children prefer cartoon characters instead of traditional stories and fairy tales whereas the preference of cartoons instead of stories during childhood is very harmful for their psychological and personality development which can also create violent behavior. In order to determine the negative effects of preferring cartoons to the traditional stories, first of all the characters and structure of the fairy tales should be examined carefully. Later, the examples of the harmful concepts in the cartoons can be examined and a comparison of these two will be enough to prove the danger.First of all, there is a message in fairy tales and stories which teaches the children to develop good behavioral skills. After a child finishes the story, he can see that being good causes the main character to be happy ever after but in the cartoons there are examples which can turn the children into bullies. Secondly, the language used in the stories helps the child to use this better type of language whereas some cartoon characters use the street language which is a bad example for the children. Lastly by reading stories and fairy tales, children gain good reading skills which are beneficial for their education but by watching television they can only turn into numb people. They cannot develop sociability and have difficulties while interacting with other people, including their own family.The...

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