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Origins of client personality/problems/symptoms
Carl coming from a foster care and eventually being adopted in his childhood has endured milestones as an adult despite his difficult childhood having his biological parents leaving him at a young age. Through the origins of the psychodynamic theory, Sigmund Freud distinguishes between using the conscious mind versus the unconscious mind and childhood development that affects adult life. With Carl being adopted during the second grade being seven years old, this event can be detrimental towards a child’s childhood that can predict future complications. Freud explains human nature through ‘the lens of the past’; he interprets individuals’ current situations and experiences are inferred through past experiences and emotions. With this particular view, individuals are bound to adapt to those patterns of habit of handling specific situations, motivations, and outside forces. In relation to Carl’s standpoint, his foster care experience is the emotion he currently fears being now 30 years old. Carl explains how he lives with the fear of losing his adoptive parents, returning back to foster care; this emotion also expresses various other emotions and interactions with others in his life. Carl reaches out for therapy because of the anxiety and depression he is struggling with. With having depression and anxiety, the fear of losing his parents brings out a sense of perfectionism within Carl. Having perfectionism traits for his particular job is bringing out the fear of eventually losing his job if he does not perform to a high standard. Sigmund Freud also discusses attachment theory within the psychodynamic theory. Attachment theory explains having a connection or bond with a particular person. For Carl, he is experiencing anxious-ambivalent relationships because of his fear of being abandoned by his manager, adoptive parents, and continues onto his girlfriend. Through the traits of perfectionism and displaying an anxious-ambivalent relationship, he is having a rough relationship with his girlfriend, setting high standards on his girlfriend while also fearing he will not be a sufficient partner in the future. As mentioned earlier in regards to symptoms within the unconscious mind, there are defense mechanisms within the unconscious mind that Carl displays through his interactions with people in his life. This defense mechanism would be repression with the thoughts of his past interfering with his present lifestyle with his personal life with his parents, career, and girlfriend. The biggest concern with Carl is letting his unconscious mind take over his actions in his daily lifestyle, having fears that do not exist, and displaying defense mechanisms in order to get by in his life.
Focus and Course of Counseling
Psychodynamic theory has a main purpose of making the unconscious mind into a conscious mind, understanding the unconscious drives, motivations, forces and analyzing why they happen. To understand...

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