Case Analysis: Treadway Tire Company – Job Dissatisfaction And High Turnover

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What are the strategies used by U.S. Companies today to keep them union-free and why is it critical to the success of an organization in meeting its goals and mission?
The Lima Tire Plant
Treadway Tire Company had a total of eight plants operating of these was one located in Lima, Ohio which had a large expansion and modernization done in 2000. The Lima Tire Plant employed 970 hourly employees and 150 salaried employees the line foreman made up 50 of these positions, the hourly employees were unionized while the foreman position was not (Beckham, Skinner, 2008). Because of the money spent and increased capacity of the Lima plant it became Treadway’s top productive and quality plant. When ...view middle of the document...

Moral Issues
Production forecast at the Lima Tire Plant were too firm and with the other duties foreman were responsible for should have some acceptable variances. The plant manager Bellinghan thought the most important duty for the foreman is meeting performance goals (Beckham, Skinner, 2008). The foremen used the same pressure toward the hourly line employees he receives for the general supervisor; this causes conflict that affect the production numbers especially if the union rep gets involved. Foremen have way too many responsibilities to be an effective leader and produce the numbers that need to be made. But when it comes to the ability to discipline employees that have done something they did not have authority and if the employee goes to the union rep may be cleared from his employment record. Every day the line foremen are required to deal with numerous personnel, resource, and administrative issues in a 12-hour shift. The foremen certainly have very minor control over their team and their disciplinary actions and can be overridden by disciplinary groups.
With the emphasis at the Lima plant for the foremen to meet or exceed the performance goals without much support from upper management. Training nonexistent for the college graduate hired as a foreman and a show them who’s boss advice from their superiors it is a wonder how anything gets done. Foremen feel they have no support when issues arise or employees do not do what is required. The line foremen were dissatisfied with their work situation. An employee satisfaction survey conducted in 2007 and exit interviews of leaving foremen exposed the dissatisfaction in the Lima plant and emphasized concerns about the line-foremen position. They voiced concerns about their lack of authority and confrontational dealings with the hourly employees. They are forced to meet targets without acceptable tools and training (Beckham, Skinner, 2008).
I feel Treadway’s Human Resource Director should develop an action plan...

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