Case Chart Study Organisational Performance Assignement 2 Fanshawe Assignment

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Organizational Performance MGMT6042
Your full name:
Main Characters:
Name Position
Who: John Becker General Manager
Choose One Main Problem (not a symptom of the issue)
What: Implementation of Empowerment
Why: The concept of empowerment was new for the old employee. Earlier they are not all allowed to take their own decisions But new company come with the new concept of empowerment and employee take decision by themselves but at same time they do not know that on which matters they are allowed to take decisions by their own and when they should refer the case to supervisor for decisions .Moreover they didn’t get any feedback that whether or not they were doing job fairly.
When: This problem arose when Thailand hotel was sold to American company.
Is the issue of low or high importance and urgency?
Importance: L H
Urgency: I
This case is covered under high urgency and have high importance so it should be covered under IV
Course Concepts with references:
1.Organisation Comprehension and Employee involvement(chapter-4)
2.High performance work practices perspective(chapter-1)
3.Work related stress(Low task Control)(chapter-4)
4.Empowerment practices (chapter-6)
5.Rational choice paradigm of decision marketing.(chapter-7)
1. Training should have been given to the employees so that they can easily adopt new rules and regulations.
2. Employer should use the approach reduce differentiation so that employer can differentiate between major and minor tasks. In present case employer gave the power to employees to take decision but he didn’t gave them any feedback about their work whether they perform work properly or not.
3. Solution 3 would be improvement in communication and mutual understanding so that working in the organization can be run smoothly.
Decision Criteria
Alternative 1 :- Training
1. Improve employee motivation and job satisfaction.
2. Increase the capacity of employee to adopt the new rules and regulations.
3. Increase the efficiencies in processes so that company get financial gain and it enhanced company image.
Alternative 1
1. Biggest disadvantage of training is cost of the training session.
2. Training session is time consuming. Perfect and Adequate training want enough time to train employees.
3. Some employees may not take training seriously and they attended the training for the purpose of break from job.
Decision Criteria
Alternative 2 :- Reduce differentiation

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