Case Conceptualization Of Tyler Durden Pennsylvania State University, Abnormal Psychology Case Study

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Case Conceptualization of Tyler Durden
Alexander J. Szukics
The Pennsylvania State University
Tyler Durden is either a 25 year old, or 30 year old Caucasian male. His exact age is unknown because he states that he is both ages. He works a white collar job for an insurance company during the day, and works night jobs such as making soap in his basement. He previously lived in a condominium that mysteriously burnt down. Tyler currently lives in a house by himself that is not in a good living condition. He is not in a relationship, however has had sexual relations with a woman named Marla Singer. Tyler sometimes dresses in business casual clothing, consisting of collared shirts, ties, dress pants, and dress shoes. On the contrary, Tyler sometimes dresses in flashy, extravagant attire. For example, he often wears a bright red leather jacket. Tyler appears to be an average height and build, and usually has visible cuts or bruises on his face and body. In certain circumstances, Tyler presents himself in a dictatorial manner. In other circumstances, Tyler presents himself as a victim; he appears to always be suffering.
For over the past six months, Tyler has not been able to sleep. He feels stuck in living in an everyday routine, that never stops repeating. He displays impulsive behaviors, such as constantly buying items that he does not actually need, but thinks he will benefit from owning them. For example, Tyler stated “I flipped through catalogs and wondered: What kind of dining set defines me as a person” (Twentieth Century Fox & Fincher, 1999). After being declined medication, Tyler turned to violence and fighting as a means to reduce tension and anger that he builds up during the week. He began expressing hostility towards everyone he encountered. Tyler also claims to sometimes wake up in different locations, with absolutely no knowledge of how he arrived there. He has airline tickets with his name on them, but no recollection of ever travelling.
In the past, Tyler was examined by a doctor and desperately sought medication to help cure his insomnia. Assuring Tyler he could not die from having a lack of sufficient sleep, his doctor recommended that he chewed valerian roots, exercised, and maintained a healthy diet, which Tyler did none of those. The doctor suggested that since Tyler claimed to be in a large amount of pain, he should observe support groups that meet at the local churches, in effort to witness pain that is greater than his own. After heeding the advice, Tyler started attending different support groups’ meetings. He started attending meetings for other kinds of support groups, showing up to each group with a different name. Quickly, he began attending the gatherings regularly, eventually bringing him to the point that he would plan his week according to the times that the groups met. He never revealed that he was not actually suffering...

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