Case In Class Presentation About 1 Criminal Case And 1 Political Case In The Toronto Star.

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Thatcher's bid for a chance to seek early paroleBy Globe and Mail, October 9th.This report is about an article " Jury accepts Thatcher's bid for chance toseek early parole" and was accessed on the 9th of October and writtenon the same date. The Author is Canadian Press and thepublisher "Globe and Mail". This article belongs to the Criminalcategory which deals with paroles and the Sentence of Lifeimprisonment.Mr. Thatcher was convicted to Life Imprisonment in1984 for the murder of his wife Joann Wilson which occurred in1983.He is the son of the former premier of Saskatchewan RossThatcher. He was supposed to be not allowed to apply for parolebefore 25 years of his sentence were served, but since his situationchanged from the time he was convicted and he seems to haveturned into a better citizen while he was in jail, the Parole Boardallowed a jury hearing to take place and decide whether or not Mr.Thatcher had a chance to get an early parole. He would have been eligible for a parolehearing in May 2009. He took several courses, for example the "resume-building" course,in jail to get his record clean and make a good impression. He also discovered hisinterest in religion, testified his pastor. Although he still denies havingcommitted the crime he was granted an early parole hearing by the jury assigned to thiscase.Mr. Thatcher used the faint-hope clause to get the jury to listen tohis case because the judge that gave out his sentence in 1984 usedthe S. 745.6 ( ineligibility for parole ) to "by order, substitute forten years a number of years of imprisonment (being more than tenbut not more than twenty-five) without eligibility for parole, as thejudge deems fit in the circumstances." (Criminal Code of Canada)Toextend his parole ineligibility to the highest amount of 25 years. Being a modestinmate the jury agreed to listen to Thatcher's testimonies earlier sothe 25 years were shortened to 20. Although his request for aparole hearing failed 3 years earlier. The faint-hope clause wasintroduced in 1976 when the death penalty was abolished andreplaced by Life imprisonment. The so called faint-hope clauseis for those who have been convicted of murder and have served aminimum of 15 years of their sentence, and allows them toapply formally to theChief Justice of the province to get a review of their paroleIneligibility issue. If approved ,the individual canapply for a parole which is then decided by 12 jury members.The faint-hope clause is based on part 23, Sec.745.6 (1) of theCriminal Code of Canada established by the Canadian governmentin 1985.The court sitting took place in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan onWednesday,...

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