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Case Study: Madcap Craftbrew & Bottleworks, Inc. Promotional Strategy.

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Define the audience to be targeted:The target market is defined as the young professionals between ages 23 to 35 who drink premium or super premium beer. The secondary market was considered to be professionals who drink ultra premium beer.Promotional Objectives1) To increase the overall sales of Zebra Beer2) Build awareness to the target market3) Promote loyalty and long term growthPromotional Budget:Zabra Beer Promotional Budget -Packaging: $3.50 - $4.00 Per CaseAdvertising: $2.00-$3.00 Per CasePoint-of Purchase displays: $0.50 -$1.50 Per CaseDistributor Loyalty program: $5,000.00Consumer Loyalty program: $10,000.00Publicity: $10,000.00The promotional budget will be mainly related to the amount of cases of beer being sold. The more cases of beer sold the more money that will be spent on promotional and advertising.Design the Promotion Mix.Advertising:Madcap Craftbrew & Bottleworks, Inc will be using a "push" strategy to promote the sales of Zebra Beer.Radio advertising - Advertising will consists of a series of advertisements which feature the 80 year old family matriarch. They will be aired on stations that broadcast rock and alternative rock music. The message of the ads will consist that Zebra beer was different, high quality and fun. It is also recommended to create other radio commercials that consist of Zebra Beer being high quality and fun. As part of the integrated marketing communications, all of the advertising should have Zebras and Grandma-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Example of idea of radio ad (Still in production)"Grandma, I met a wonderful person last night""You did,.....what is her name" Grandma"Her first name was Sara, but I did not get her last name""You did not get her last name!! What were you thinking" Grandma"I don't really remember, we were just hanging out and having fun""What did you talk about" Grandma"I don't really remember, we were drinking Zebra Beer""I'm so proud of you" Grandma(Sound of a Zebra) "Zebra Beer. The beer that is different. The beer that is high in quality. The beer that is fun. Zebra Beer. Buy it today and make Gradma happy" (Sound of Zebra)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Point-of Purchase displays.Point-of Purchase displays is setup at a budget of $0.50 -$1.50 per case sold. The point of purchase displays will follow the same integrated marketing communications that the radio advertising and packaging. The 12 ounce bottles were brown, painted with white zebra stripes and the Zebra logo. The six pack cardboard carriers were also printed to resemble a zebra's stripes. All of the Displays should have contained zebra stripes on them and should contain grandma on the display. All of the advertising should contain zebras and Grandma to become part of the integrated...

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