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Devin SimmonsProfessor DouglassCase Management Model10/8/2014Chemung County Family ServicesThe Chemung County Family Services (CCFS) organization is an important factor in community development that many people don't know much about. The purpose of Family Services is to assist individuals, families and the community in meeting the complexities of daily living by fostering the ability to develop and maintain positive relationships and promote healthy, independent personal development, and responsible social functioning. The CCFS provides the community with many different services, such as; child and family clinic plus emotional health screening, home health services, family counseling, E.A.P employee assistance programs, family mental health, family relationship services, mental health intensive outpatient services, adult mental health services, and employment opportunities. Due to the multiple services the CCFS provides, they are defined as using an organizational-based case management model. Anyone has the ability to be assessed for treatment, after assessment the assigned case manager will discuss the services that will best help the client.Case managers are available to make contact with clients in appropriate private or public areas. One-on-one counseling and small group work are both used, and can make a significant difference in the client's behaviors. Also, the organization offers training to parents, guardians, and volunteers so they can learn the appropriate steps when engaging and altering the behaviors of the clients who participate, the ultimate goal is to help the client become more self-sufficient and empowered.Case managers have many roles within the organization, which include: counselor, planner, broker, coordinator, problem-solver, and record keeper. As a coordinator, the case manager is constantly communicating with the other workers of the agency to make sure everyone is on the same page. The clients that come to the center are all logged in as they arrive each day; this gets entered into a day record that is used to measure attendance and...

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