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AbstractCase management profession and practices are both comparable and diverse. Case managers follow a holistic view, client-centered approach, and ethical standards when serving the special needs population. Case managers commonly address their basic concerns, practice similar guidelines, and follow principles that empower the clients in several populations and ensure that services rendered are adequate to the client's needs. However case managers also are understanding and respectful of the multi-faceted populations and their unique challenges. Each client's situation that is guided by a case management professional is personalized through advocacy, awareness, and open-mindedness.IntroductionCase Management practice covers many different areas of special populations when helping others with problems they may have. The areas covered are the elderly, very young, physically disabled, and the mentally challenged. Each population is very different but yet they have variables that are similar. Team C has researched and found many similarities and differences within the practice of case management in each population. We will discuss similarities in financial problems as well as the practice and guidelines used for each population. The differences we will discuss include the diversity across the populations.SimilaritiesCase managers serving various populations are unified by their commitment to empowering their clients. While individuals of the special population vary in degree of lifestyle, situation, and needs, the concerns, principles, and guidelines of case management among these populations are comparable. Without advocacy and the correlation of services, case management's role in the special population would be inconceivable.ConcernsEffective and inexpensive health care as well as financial support for the vulnerable populations is a common issue for case management. According to Brown & Phillips (1986), "The National Long Term Care Demonstration was developed in response to rapidly increasing private and public expenditures for care of the elderly. The Channeling demonstration, as it is referred to, sought to decrease costs of care for the elderly and improve their well-being by substituting in-home community-based care for institutional care." State and federal financing strategies also have an impact on the various populations. Frank Farrow states, "Without sufficient dollars, no amount of improved service coordination or finely tuned response to families' needs will achieve the better outcomes for families and children that states seek."If applicable Medicaid and Medicare are often sought for coverage in the services rendered to the special needs population. This health care reform has increased the development of case management. According to Hodge & Giesler (1997), "As Medicaid (Title 19) became a major source of funding for community mental health services and as case management was defined and included in states. Medicaid plans;...

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