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Case No.47: "The Apollo Group" Managing Strategically

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Case No.41: "The Apollo Group, Inc. INCLUDEPICTURE "" \* MERGEFORMATINET
Managing StrategicallyCase No.47: "The Apollo Group"TABLE OF CONTENTS2Sections 2Section a 21 Introduction 32 Core Competencies 42.1 Developing core competencies 42.2 Uses of core competencies 43 Core Competencies of the Apollo Group Inc 43.1 Skilled Workforce 43.2 Good Market Share 44 Key Success Factors 44.1 Product 44.2 Customer service 45 Strategy Implementation 46 Conclusion 47 references 48 Table Of Figures SectionsThis report is divided into three sectionsSection A - Introduction, core competenciesSection B - Key Success Factors and alternative strategiesSection C - Strategy implementation and conclusionSection aIntroductionAccording to Apollo Group Inc, Corporate Information, "Apollo Group, Inc. was founded in 1973 in response to a gradual shift in higher education demographics from a student population dominated by youth to one in which approximately half the students are adults and over 80 percent of whom work full-time. Apollo's founder, John Sperling, believed and events proved him right that lifelong employment with a single employer would be replaced by lifelong learning and employment with a variety of employers. Lifelong learning requires an institution dedicated solely to the education of working adults.Today, Apollo Group, Inc. through its subsidiaries, the University of Phoenix (including University of Phoenix Online), the Institute for Professional Development, the College for Financial Planning, and Western International University, has established itself as a leading provider of higher education programs for working adults by focusing on servicing the needs of the working adult."As per the Case 41 - The Apollo Group Inc., Apollo Group has enjoyed continual growth in student enrolments as well as building a strong financial record by having more than doubled its total enrolments and revenues between:2001 - 124 800 degree enrolments2004 - 255 600 degree enrolments.The above figures indicate phenomenal growth in the intake numbers doubling during a four period. This translates into the students valuing Apollo Group and its education philosophy.Background to Education in the United StatesIn the early 1970's, colleges and universities in the United States were focussed primarily on serving the needs of the 18 to 22 year old undergraduate student. Little to no efforts were undertaken to accommodate the needs of any students that fell outside of the 18 to 22 year old demographic. Some universities held night classes, but university offices and bookstores were closed at night. Working adults who took classes at night were forced to leave work during the day in order to enrol, register in classes, buy books, or consult with advisors. Once these commuter students reached campus, it was often hard for them to find parking. Because of these inconveniences, it took most working adults eight years or more to complete...

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