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Case Of Shell In Nigeria Essay

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The English petroleum company Shell is exploiting the huge quantities of raw materials of Nigeria. They are extracting more precisely oil in the Bay of Benin. Such exploitation implies unfortunately damages to environment.The local population got more and more angry seeing that a foreign company contaminates natures, taking advantages of Nigerian natural resources to make profits without developing the country.That is why revolts and sabotages started.So, as a response to this growing dissatisfaction of the local population, the company decided to invest $ 2 million (including one half financed by international aids), to improve the living conditions in the area where it exploits the oil.Thus, we are going to see how could be use this money to develop the country and so to satisfy the population and to limit the risk of the activity of the extracting plants.We are going to see various possibilities and then will decide which one is the best to invest in.Narrative summary Objectively VerifiableIndicatorsMeans of verificationAssumptionsGoalThis project has been launched to improve the living conditions in the area of Benin, where Esso exploits petroleum resources. This aims to integrate the company better in this country and in this area where it is seen as an invader that benefits unilaterally from its setting up in Nigeria.Eliminate the bad Shell publicity from the mediasFrequency of the sabotages and other possible problems with populationThe project will start in september 2005 and will finish in 2013Account the amount of sabotages and of criticism in the news paperPopulation will be satisfied with the action of ShellPurposeThe way we chose to reach this goal is to finance social projects led by the government in the area of Benin.To raise the grade of Nigeria in the ranking of the living conditions made by international NGOs.Governments and NGOs' register booksMake the population satisfied by the implication of Shell in the development of the country.Outputs-Improved education conditions.- Promoted gender-related development.-Improved access to health care.Improve skills of the teachers.Improve teaching conditions.Better emancipation of women.Improve competences and means of the medical staffs.Government and International associations' reports.The basic assumption is to make people happier and then to limit the manifestations against the presence of Esso.InputsThe inputs for this project are 2 millions dollars, half financed by Esso itself and the other half financed bay international organizations which aim to develop the whole country's living conditions.STAKEHOLDERS ANALYSISIn the stakeholders analysis we will take into account all the people that will take part in the project and whose will be affected by it.Shell works with a lot of different stakeholders. They interfere with the local population, the government, NGOs, Social Worldwide organisations. The employees play a huge role because they are part of the company and of the local...

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