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On Wednesday, January 26, 2005, 54-year-old Myles Meyers walked into DaimlerChrysler's
Toledo, Ohio, assembly plant holding a double-barrel shotgun under his coat. Myers, a Jeep
repairman, approached Yiesha Martin, a 27-year-old stock supervisor, and stated his intensions.
He was there to murder three supervisors: Mike Toney, 45, Roy Thacker, 50, and Carrie
Woggerman, 24. Afterward, he said, he would turn the gun on himself. "I was shaking and I
started to cry" said Martin. Meyers told her not to cry and to page Tony. Although he was
usually eating lunch at his desk around this time, Tony was busy dealing with a problem on the
production line. On Martin's secretary attempt, Toney responded.
Thacker, however, was the first of Meyer's intended victims to approach the former employee.
When Thacker asked Meyers why he was at the office, "[Meyers] turned from the partition and
just shot him," Martin recalled. "I just saw the shells go. He reloaded in front of me".
Martin ran, grabbling a radio in the process. As he ran away, calling into her radio for help, she
heard another gunshot. Mike Toney had just arrived and was now the second victim. Carrie
Woggerman was able to flee after the first shot, but Paul Medlen, 41, while attempting to come
to the aid of Toney, was shot in the chest by Meyers just before Meyers turned the gun on
himself, taking his own life. Of the three employees shot by Meyers, two survived.
Unfortunately, Thacker died from his wounds.
Regrettably, the shooting at the Toledo assembly plant was not an isolated incident. Just 2 years
earlier, Doug Willaims, an employee at Lockheed Martin, left in the middle of an ethics meeting,
went to his car, and came back with several guns. He then shot six coworkers to death and
wounded eight others...

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