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International business is quite different from domestic business because the countries, societies and cultures are different. They are so complex, which determined by many factors and will affect the operation of the business.In this case, we can see it clearly.The case is about the conflict of culture clash between Prescott and Higgins, who were the manager and the executive assistant of Weaver- Yamazaki, Pharmaceutical of Japan. It is a joint venture of America and Japan.Contrast the differences From the case, we can see it obviously that Prescott¡¦s judgment is based on the U.S. mores, norm and attitude, while Higgins is on the Japanese ones. To apply and implement the U.S. personnel policies in Japanese operation, they two had totally different opinions and attitudes. For instance, • Different attitude towards the new standard of promotion • Different relationship with the employees • Different reaction of employee¡¦s dismissal • Different degree to be concerned with the subordinates¡¦ complains and demands Analyze the differences It is the background difference that leads to such situation.¡» the experience. Prescott was an experienced international businessman, who had spent 25-year career at Weaver abroad, but never in Japan before. For Higgins, he had great knowledge of Japanese language, literature, and history, stayed there for a couple of years and married a Japanese girl. Those experiences made him love Japanese culture very much, unconsciously absorbed and internalized it.¡» the language. It dose far more than enables people to communicate. The nature of language structures the way we perceive the world. As Higgins could speak perfect Japanese, he must have adapted some of the norms and mores from the Japan society. So Higgins can share the social agreements with other Japanese. His background of Japanese culture and language, together with his study experience of management were quite invaluable. But Prescott knew little Japanese. It was quite difficult for him to understand their logic, what they were talking and thinking, and why they thought like that.Recommendations There are some alternatives to treat the problem: ¡¹ Neglect what had happened; be patient to observe what might go on.¡¹ Assign Prescott to other places; promote Higgins to be the general manager.¡¹ Assign...

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1352 words - 5 pages a patient with external otitis. Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. 55:1871–1876. doi:10.1099/ ijs.0.63282-0. 6. Bakker, X. R., P. H. Spauwen, and W. M. Dolmans. 2004. Mycetoma of the hand caused by Gordona terrae: a case report. J. Hand Surg. Br. 29:188–190. 7. Lai, C. C., et al. 14 October 2009, posting date. Infections caused by Gordonia species at a medical center in Taiwan, 1997 to 2008. Clin. Microbiol. Infect. doi:10.1111/j.1469

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