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Case Study Wilson Lumber Company

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Question 1Why has Wilson Lumber borrowed increasing amounts despite its consistent profitability?Although the company seems to be profitable, it has faced shortage of cash. It happened due to increase in Accounts Receivable as well as Inventories. On the other hand, Accounts Payable does not increase that rapidly and difficulties regarding cash collection become evident. Furthermore, the cash collection cycle becomes larger (59 days in year 2003, while more than 70 in year 2006).Question 2How has Mr. Wilson met the financing needs of the company during the period 2003 through 2005? Has the financial strength of Wilson Lumber improved or deteriorated? Evaluate Wilson Lumber financial health.During 2003- 2005 the company borrowed money (long term loan) from bank to finance its operations.In general profitability ratios are positive, however, could be higher. That might be a signal of cost reduction. On the other hand, the company becomes less liquid and its liquidity ratios keep dropping within all years. Both liquidity rations inform that there is lack of cash in the company. The leverage ratios show that company has increased its long term debt and now company becomes more financed by debt than equity. As the debt grows, the interest rates become larger and thus the interest coverage ratio becomes smaller. The activity ratios point out that the cash collection cycle becomes larger therefore company faces some serious issues regarding cash collection (59 days in 2003 whereas 78 in year 2006).Question 3To estimate the sustainable growth rate (SGR) that WLC can sustain without further weakening the balance sheet assuming:no change in the ratio of sales to total assets,no change in the ratio of total liabilities to owners' equityno equity issues or repurchasesa return on beginning equity of 20 % ( the 2005 level), anda continuation of the policy of paying no dividends.





Sustainable Rate of Growth





Question 4How attractive is to take the trade discounts ?If Mr. Wilson is offered a discount of 2% for a payment made in 10 days and does not in fact 50 days;If Mr. Wilson offers his customers terms of 2 % discount for payment in 10 days what would cost.a.2/10/50(0.02/(1-0.02))*(360/(50-10))=0.18 % Is 18% interestb.2/10/30(0.02/(1-0.02))*(360/(30-10))=0,36% Is 36% interestI would prefer to take a discount because it has a lower interest rate.Question 5Do you agree with Mr. Wilson's estimate of the company's loan requirements? How much will he need to finance the expected expansion in sales to $ 5.5 million in 2006 and to take all trade discounts?We calculated that Mr. Wilson would need an estimate of...

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