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Mr. B is a 22 year-old, single male. An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) counselor referred him for psychotherapy at his workplace. The client lives in his hometown, sharing an apartment with one of his best friends from high school. Three weeks ago, Mr. B received formal disciplinary action at work following an emotional outburst toward his supervisor and a co-worker. He had been reprimanded on two prior occasions for “losing his temper” on the job. After three sessions with the EAP counselor, who noted the client became increasingly depressed, irritable, and despondent over the course of this brief intervention. The EAP counselor felt that Mr. B needed more extended outpatient therapy and made the referral to our agency.
Counseling Theory
For this case conceptualization, the use of cognitive behavior theory (CBT) is implement for the duration of Mr. B is counseling sessions. The Cognitive Behavior Theorist correlates to the clients need to establish functional behavior strategies that are long-term in managing anger. CBT is best in targeting social cognition as well as individual constructions of reality. It may combine a variety of techniques such as relaxation‚ cognitive restructuring‚ problem-solving‚ and stress inoculation‚ it is theoretically unified by principles of learning theory and information processing. This approach has elicited much inter- est in the treatment of affective disorders such as anxiety and depression. This theory operates on the premise that to control or manage the thinking process then the behavior or desired change will follow. Mr. B’s anger, by his own admission is progressively deteriorating to the point where his currently job is on the line. The basic principles of CBT involve formulation of clients’ problems and an individual conceptualization of each client in cognitive terms. CBT believes that the thought process relating to depressions (such as the clients’ state) has to do with a distortion associated with a faulty belief system of himself as well as acting out.
Treatment Focus
The specific areas identified focuses on current thinking that contributes to his state of depression as he described how he has become (“more-and-more depressed”) over the past 3-4 weeks). Secondly, Mr. B’s dysfunctional thinking as he describes himself as “a loser” who “can’t get along with anybody,” requires attention. Finally, the physical aspects he presents Mr. B The client He has had difficulty sleeping, waking-up early in the morning and unable to get back to sleep. His appetite has decreased and he has been eating only one meal per day for about a week. These problematic behaviors both flow Length of time.
Formulation of Primary Problems
The CBT approach will focus on what the client subjective express during our intake session. In terms of depression, his specific problems he has ascribed as his symptoms the focus is the inward negative thinking and outward manifestation of inappropriate...

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