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This international migration occurred between 1948 and 1970s. West Indies consists of around 20 islands. Near half million people left their homes in the Caribbean to live in Britain.

Decolonisation between the 1922 to 1975 led to many of England's colonies becoming independent. This led to many people from the ex-colonies such as the West Indies coming over to Britain in search of a better eduction, lifestyle and jobs, as their was high unemployment at home. The end of the second world war, the government was in needed of recruiting workers from the Caribbean to managed the shortages of labour in some British industries. The arrival of the ship the Windrush was the start of the migration in 1948. By 1955 18,000 Jamaican came to live in Britain. By 1962 about 98,000 migrated to the UK
Many people came to Britain voluntarily and some for permanent settlement.

Push factors that caused this migration:
Population pressure occurred in the West Indies.
High levels of unemployment.
Poor education.
Political and economic problems.

Pull factors that caused this migration:
UK passport, that allows people to enter other commonwealth countries.
Improved quality of life.
Job opportunities, as there were shortages of unskilled workers.

The affect of the migration on the UK were that it gave a more diverse cultural. Many of the migrants filled the gap in the unskilled labour sector, which helped the country economically. The affects of the migration on the migrants were that some people faced social isolation such as discrimination. Also many faced the poorest housing properties. Many were also forced to take poorly paid job as they lack skills.

The impact that the migration had on the West Indies, were that employment opportunities as the population...

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