Case Study 1: Ethical Leadership International Management Assignment

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Ques1. Jack Morelli’s ethical behaviour in making decision to purchase software for his company from Standard Software Systems
In business, ethical behaviour in organisation is the application of ethical principles and methods in day to day business practices. It includes thinking morally right or wrong while making strategies or decisions for the organisation.
Unethical behaviour is referred to an action made by a person or group of people in the organisation that is not morally right for the person, company or whole industry. Thus, an ethical behaviour is lacking of moral behaviours or not willing to hold to follow the right rules of conduct.
In the given case study, I would say that Jack Morelli’s behaviour was unethical in making decision to purchase the software for his company. There are many reasons people follow unethical behaviour such as work pressure, unsure whether it is right or not, misguided and so on.In the given case, the reason of Jack Morelli’s unethical behaviour might include self-interest, personal gain.
Jack was using his power of his designation to bias the decision of Board of Directors. He provided his judgement to them on the information collected by Mary carter.Mary had low influence as she was just an accounting manager. She could not approach to Board of Directors and Jack took advantage of it. He influenced the decision of Board of Directors.
Thus, I would describe Jack’s unethical behaviour in following way-
· Misuse of power and authority- As in the given case study, Mary found through her research that Standard Software System would not be suitable option for the new software to meet the needs of the company. Despite this, Jack made her to include Standard Software System in her considerations as per the fact that, President of Standard Software System was friend of Jack.
· Vendor relationship- Although, the sales representative from different vendors came to give presentations about their product, Jack did not pay much attention, as his aim was to select only Standard System to buy new Software. He had acknowledged that other vendors have better options than this company, but because he had friend relation with this company, he wanted to choose this company only.
· Misrepresentation- Jack misrepresented Mary’s research and collected information in front of Board of Directors. This misrepresentation misguided them and Jack made them agree to buy new software from Standard Software System.

Ques2. Mary’s efforts to ensure the ethical way of making decision to buy the new software for the company
The workplace hierarchical structure makes it challenging to ensure ethical practices in making decisions. Despite of her detailed research, Mary was influenced by legitimacy power, and she could not enable to deliver the right information to Board of Directors. This led to a wrong and unethical decision and also resulted in loss for the company.
However, I suggest that Mary should whistle-blow on this...

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