Case Study 2: Repairing Jobs That Fail To Satisfy Managing Essay

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Case Study 2: Repairing Jobs That Fail to Satisfy
1. This is a major concern and should raise a red flag immediately. If employees are not satisfied with their work, it will affect the quality or service that they are providing. An unsatisfied employee will bring negativity and can harm the company by making other employee uncomfortable or worse, negativity can be contagious and spread throughout the company. Yes, research does suggest satisfied workers are better at their jobs. Looking at the data chart, this shows that the average is higher than DrainFlow. There are behavioral outcomes which can be positive or negative. If it is positive, the employee will be happy at work and may go beyond his or her job duties, which is a great asset to a company that is trying to minimize cost in personnel.
2. The current system of job design is contributing to employee dissatisfaction. The problem lies in the knowledge of the jobs, the organization, and prioritization. The wrong jobs are being sent to the wrong category of employees, the license plumbers or the plumbers assistant. When the Processor can not organize and prioritize the jobs, it will cause a loss in time and money by sending out the wrong employee. Also, it will be a negative impression on the customer that will likely to give a negative feedback and will take their business else where. To resolve this confusion and lack of knowledge, a possible solution would be to have the plumbers and plumbers’ assistant take on the calls to properly distribute the job orders.
3. I would suggest that the cash reward system be a quick result type that maybe a bi-weekly or monthly reward cash out system. This way, the employees will realize that their good work will pay off quickly and in turn will...

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