Case Study About Work System Framework Of A Company

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Executive Summary

TradX is a company that aims to sell furniture to retailers and special targeted companies. By analyzing the case study, which is on TradX Company, we came up with two different work systems for the company's trade actions. The work systems are "Replenish Retailer Inventory" and "Direct Selling." Moreover, the performance variables for the business processes are discussed in detail in the report. The report then talks about how an introduction of electronic information system may affect TradX work systems. At the end, collaboration between processes in TradX has been discussed.

Work System Framework

A work system is a group of activities performed by people in the organization and it produces product(s) for customers. A work system framework consists of 8 elements that are essential in a work system. The diagram below clearly shows the various elements that make a work system .

Customers are those who benefit from the business process whether directly or indirectly. The second part of the work system is Product & Services which are the outputs of the business process. Thirdly there is the Business Process itself and that is a set of steps performed to provide a good or service for the customers. Fourthly comes the Participants whom are the people involved in performing the business process. This is followed by Information and that is any type of data that is inputted or outputted into/out of the business process. Another part of the work system is the Technology and that is anything dedicated to the business process. Then Context follow which is anything (internal/external) that shapes the business process such as laws and regulations. Finally is Infrastructure which is anything (technology, information, etc...) that is shared with other business processes.

Below are the 2 business processes we have defined in accordance to the Work System Framework mentioned above.

I. Replenish Retailer Inventory

Customers: TradX and the retailers
Products & Services: fax sheet(order request), goods delivery note, furniture, delivery service, seasonal catalogues, customer service
Business Process:

a. Receive Fax (order request)

b. Provide the fax with an order number (to ease its traceability)

c. Check request against availability in the inventory (assume availability)

d. Send quotation to the retailer by fax (as a respond to their request)

e. Check the Credit Policy for particular retailer

f. Send request to distribution department

g. Update Inventory information

h. Update Retailer information

i. Receive Signed Delivery Note.

Participants: TradX sales people, inventory personnel, delivery man, retailer
Information: Item Id, quantity ordered, supplier(TradX) fax number, Retailer Name, Personnel Name, retailer's personnel signature, Date of order, Fax reference number, Order number, Category Id, Item(product) Description, retailer fax number, retailer phone number, retailer...

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