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Case Study: Akamai Technologies

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Case Study: Akamai Technologies
Akamai Technologies, Inc. is an organization which delivers the content over the Internet. It is one of the largest organizations which provide the distributive Computing Platforms; it provides a cloud based services to the end user. It serves 30% of the overall web traffic. Akamai provided numbers of servers which are located all over the globe and stores the web application of the clients. It provides a faster access to those applications because of the distributive contents in to various servers around the world. Akamai does not want the long routes to it distributed the data based on the locations, it works as like a work or a task which is not possible to be completed by a single persons is divided in to multiple process or threats or assign to teams to complete their individual part, so that task can be complete faster, in the same way the contents are stored at different servers based on their access mechanism.
Akamai provides services to their customers, it delivers the content to user by just browsing through web browser and downloading the contents from the server. “ Akamai does this task simultaneously mirroring contents, sometimes all site content including HTML, CSS and all software downloads and sometime just media objects, audio, graphics, animation, video or hyper texts ”, than Customer makes up an request and domain name is same and the Internet protocol address points to the one of the Akamai server or to some different machine, after the client request the servers from Akamai picked up automatically which depends on the current location of the user or the contents required by the user.
The user can than receive the contents from any of the Server of Akamai which depends on the client location or have a good internet connection with the server. This provides the faster downloading and less vulnerability to congestion and also maintains the security. “Akamai is an Organization which claims to provide better scalability by delivering the contents over the last mile from the serverwhich is closer to the client and hence, try to avoid the middle-mile bottleneck of the internet”.

This Example the data centre is actual located in Atlanta and the client requesting for some information from Sydney, thus with the help of the Akamai Edge Servers, the client can get data in just 1.45 seconds , because all the contents are distributed in different servers. So it provides a fast access to the internet.

Network Topologies
Network topologies are the physical layer concept which provides the way in which we can connect our devices, actually the devices are connected by the number of links, there are various kinds of topologies and protocols are defined according to standards, so if follow the standards, we can create a good network with high performance and reduce cost and large number of devices can be connected. (Panko, 2009)
Point to Point Communication
In is a kind of topology...

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