Case Study Analysis Of Guest Speaker: Mainstream American, And Chinese

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During the third in class interview, the class heard from He, Ya LI and Qian, Kim (Leo) who are international students at George Fox University from china. Ya Li is a third year student at fox and she is studying organizational communications. Leo came to George Fox for the M.A.T Education program with a focus in mathematics and he graduated in 2011. The 4-world model along explains that the western American culture and the eastern Chinese culture have greater levels in conflict between the differences of culture. There is many aspect that can be examined between mainstream American and Chinese culture,
A major struggle for Ya Li and Leo is their development of academic and social ...view middle of the document...

Being able to meet the needs of ELL is so important which is why I have realized how important classes like this one are.
Parent involvement is a difference in culture Between Americans and Chinese’s. Leo explained that his parents are who first inspired him to purse education in the United States. They wanted him to be able to experience a different world and they were willing to support him financially with his decision to stay in America. Now his parents were there to support him in learning English; nevertheless they were not involved in his learning of English for the reason that they had no need to learn English. Ya Li told us how supportive her parents were considering they knew that she had no family to support her at George Fox. Ya Li’s parents would do anything to support her in the pursuit of education. Yet her parents never showed any interest in learning English with her either. This ideal is some that is kind of like American parents with the exception that American parents will support their child for all they want is to see their child doing what they have a passion for, where Chinese parents will support them only if it would lead to them have success. As teachers it’s important to realize that parent are well meaning and they are not perfect. Parents are a critical part of the learning process for the reason that their children spend the majority of their life with their parent or guardian. I learned from this that may there is a cultural value that America and Chinese’s cultures could meet in the middle to have their children do what they love with a focus on success.
Examination of the differences of the Hofstede’s value dimension of individualism and collectivism. Ya Li experience with these two culture values colliding was a negative experience. Ya Li comes from a collectivist culture and she was faced with an individualistic roommate her freshman year and she was not prepared for it. Unfortunately individualist Americans do not usually realize they are offending people from collectivist cultures when they don’t accept the treats they are being offered. In class we looked at the Hofstede values show the problems Ya Li explained which just cultural differences were. Ya Li came from a community emphasized culture that would have both roommates working together for the type of dynamic she was used to. Ya Li roommate from an individualist America just wanted her own personal private space where she had freedom. Being able to understand the needs within each of these cultural values is vitally important to knowing how to shape a classroom environment. As a teacher in the United States the majority student will be an individualistic; nonetheless being able to meet the need of our student from different cultural backgrounds who are collectivist of the upmost importance. With having an understanding the needs of each cultural values I will be able to create lesson plans with a combination of methods to fit each type of...

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