Case Study Analysis: Issues Around Abortion

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In America, one million teenagers get pregnant every year (National Abortion Federation, 2003). Of these pregnancies, 78% are unplanned because these teenagers start having sex at a very young age and are unaware of ways to prevent pregnancies. Thirty five percent of the pregnant teenagers chose to abort, as they fear that the consequences of the pregnancy might cause significant effects to their lives. The problems that come with teenage pregnancies include dropping out of school, receiving inadequate prenatal care, developing health problems, relying on public assistance to raise a child, and probably divorcing their partners. In most states, the law allows pregnant teenagers to take their babies for adoption without consulting their parents. The same laws allow the teenagers to have an abortion but require parental notification or consent before carrying out the procedure. These laws prove biased as they favor one resolution over the other, as they force some to bear babies they do not want by restricting their options.
Ethical Issues
Abortion may appear ethical or unethical depending on various viewpoints and circumstances. The fetus is considered a person and bringing it to term may be unethical as the act is considered as murder. In some situations, the mother may require to terminate a pregnancy for her bodily autonomy (Johnston, 2003). In such positions, the resolution to terminate a pregnancy may be argued as the most ethical choice. The mother is also considered to having a reasonable level of ethical responsibility to the fetus, because she did not take enough precaution to ensure avoiding conception (Cline, 2014). The mother’s ethical responsibility to the fetus may not be enough to deprive her choice of abortion; it may enough to ascertain when an abortion can be ethically selected (Cline, 2014). When a woman does not wish to carry an abortion to term, it will be unethical for law or any other person to force them to do so. The option of whether or not to retain the pregnancy until delivery lies in her hands, and forcing her to choose one side over the other may prove incompatible with justice in a free, independent country.
Pregnancy occurs because of sex and when people question the ethics of abortion, they question those of sex, as well. Some people assume that sexual practices carry various repercussions and consider pregnancy as one of them (Cline, 2014). These people argue that the prevention of those ramifications, either by abortion or by use of contraceptives, might appear unethical (Cline, 2014). When determining whether a woman has ethical obligations to the father, it may prove handy to remember that the pregnancy might not have happened without the man’s participation. Both parties have equal responsibility for the fetus and when deciding on whether to terminate a pregnancy, the man has an ethical claim to participate in the decision. It is essential to recognize the reason why teenagers and some professionals prefer...

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