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Case Study: Customer Service And Fast Food

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Any founder of any company should care about his or her costumers, especially if
his or her company produce food. They need to make food which would not do harm to
any customers , and take care about employees, otherwise these companies would violate
ethics of care ,and it should be closed. . These companies should follow communitarian
ethics. For example, McDonalds. It is the most popular fast food company in the World.
McDonald’s serve around 64 million customers in 119 countries, daily. It was founded by
Richard and Maurice McDonald In 1940 .However , later businessman Ray Crok purchased
chain of McDonald’s. McDonald’s has varied fast food products, for example,
cheeseburger, hamburger, chicken burger and so on. People like McDonald’s because it makes
fast and tasty .In addition, it has a very attractive environment. The company also does a
lot of charity, so people around the world like McDonald’s. However, people do not
know the truth about their favorite fast food restaurant.

Step1: recognizing an Ethical Situation.

From my point of view, the production of McDonald’s does big harm on
society, especially on children, which would cause worldwide obesity of people in the
future. The production of McDonalds has quality which is unacceptable , and all their
products contain a lot of fat and chemicals. From, my point of view this company violate
ethics of care and it should be closed.
The way how McDonald’s make their food for people is unethical, and it violates
the ethics of care. using six criteria I will recognize ethical situation about McDonald’s .
First of all, McDonald’s do harm on a lot people ; furthermore, McDonald’s do harm on

all society . Second, McDonald’s has already done big harm on society, a lot of people have
obesity and a lot of health problems because of McDonald’s. Next, The harm have been
processing since McDonald’s was open, and it is processing , now . Next, The victims are
all people. Proximate to us people and people which we will never know. Everybody are
victims. Next, the same answer on question three. Last, This problem does not violates the
moral rights, and all people like McDonald’s . Most people know about quality of food ;
however, they eat there and they like it.
Rationalizing Our Actions. McDonald’s rationalize ,that quality of their food is bad
and unacceptable ;however, I suppose that their main goal , like main goal of any company,
is to gain profit.
Step2: Making a Judgment...

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