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Case Study Dales Pickles And Preserves: A Structural And Cultural Change, Focusing On Hrd Solutions

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IntroductionThe analysis of this case study examines the situation Dales is faced with in relation to Learning & Development (L&D). The theories and strategies that focused on are the concepts of Learning Organisation (LO), the role of training in bringing and change and how to evaluate subsequent change and performance.Through LO strategy Dales is changing from bureaucratic, Mechanistic organisation to an Organic approach by being flexible, innovative and focusing on survival needs through an open system interacting wit its environment.The attitudes of 'control and command' and hierarchical styles and structures at Daleshave led to the suppression of innovation and initiative, however, restructuring has led to empowerment, although as employees are under-confident in their abilities it is resulted in resistance.The case study is concerned with planned strategic change, focusing on the HRD implications of a transformation in production organisation.This has ultimately led to shifting from bureaucratic structures that are best suited to coping with stable, unchanging environments, towards organisational forms that effectively accommodate rapid environmental change (Kanter et al, 1992).The change is focusing on structure and culture and as the scale of the change is significant the type of change process involved is Cascade ('Sell').As the change is focusing on changing culture and attitudes from bureaucratic to empowerment, it is challenging the organisations basic assumptions (Schien, 1985), which is very difficult to achieve change at this level of culture.However Dales has experienced significant resistance from employees and management to the proposed change initiatives and restructuring.Although not explicitly stated it would appear Dales is supportive to the concept of the Learning Organisation. This case study analyses the processes involved...?? Role of the change agent/trainer as a facilitator,Research questionsStrategic analysis, developing visions and corporate restructuring.This company has moved from a mechanistic to more organic styles of operation. Achievement of a strategy can be rendered virtually impossible by an inappropriate organisational structure.HRD Models - Recommendation'sThe fact that Dales has decided to consider the importance of a 'learning organisation' through adopting concepts of empowerment and coaching to help develop their employees is relevant to their circumstances and is an appropriate strategy. Dales has realised that it is their employees knowledge, skills and competencies that enable organisation growth.For most organisations strategic change implementation will often produce unforeseen or unwanted consequences. It is important to remember that changing one component of a business process (e.g. customers, product, organisation structure) will effect the performance of other areas.What Dales should have done in creating a learning organisation is implemented it in a logical, systematic and sensitive...

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