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Case Study: Dignity And Respect For Patien Care

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This assignment focuses on an incident which was experienced during a community placement. The patient suffered from bowel cancer, my mentor and I were visiting her to change her dressing. The names of people have been changed to ensure confidentiality Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC, 2008). Gibbs (1988) cited in Jasper (2013) will be used as the reflective model because it is simple and, easy to understand. Through the model’s six key stages I will describe my experience and how I maintained dignity while giving personal care to patients in the community. Writing a reflective account makes one relive their thoughts and, feelings and make appropriate changes when required (Howaston-Jones, 2013).

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN, 2009) defines dignity as treating someone as you or your family would want to be treated, when they are feeling vulnerable. According to ( Matiti & Baillie,2011) in modern world the word dignity has lost its meaning, whether it is intentionally or unintentionally, nurses have become very mechanical, trying to give care for dummies rather than human beings, who have emotions, feelings and self-respect, and not realising what impact patients will have when nurses show this kind of attitude. Patient centred care is vital for all nurses, without, discriminating against colour, gender, race, and religious beliefs. Following the code of conduct which is expected of the nurse, working according to the needs of the patients, being a good listener and respecting them. When the nurse shows dignity and respect, she/he tends to develop a therapeutic relationship with patient which in turn results in good health and rehabilitation (NMC, 2008).

The event which occurred in my first community placement as a student nurse. On our second visit of the day, we visited Mrs Evans to change her dressing but on arriving in her bedroom, I noticed that the carer was a male and he was carrying out personal hygiene. Mrs Evans was sleeping in soiled clothes, with faeces covering the entire sheet. She appeared uncomfortable and I immediately noticed her facial expression, realising something was not quite right with her. I could clearly see the dilemma the patient was in at that moment. I politely asked for her consent to help with her personal hygiene and change of the sheets. She was glad that I took the initiative to assist her with the personal hygiene, and I saw her face light up .With her consent I undressed her for the wash covered her with the blanket, gave her the choice whether she wanted to wash her face or wanted me to do it for her. She asked me to do it for her. At every stage of the procedure everything was explained. As I was administering her the personal care, I started a conversation with Mrs Evans during which she expressed her concerns about her deteriorating health and her family, and how it had changed her life overnight. Listening to her patiently and attentively, we developed a trust...

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