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Case Study: Evaluating The Use And Role Of English In The Public Relations Industry.

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Public relations is a commonly discussed and fast growing industry in the recent years; however, in the general public’s mind, it is always mixed up with the marketing industry as they share similar job natures. Generally, the role of public relations department is to manage the firm’s image and the relationship between the company and the stakeholders . Their aims are to build up a long term relationship with the stakeholders and to create a good reputation for the company, while marketing merely focuses on the customers, sales and market. In order to achieve their aims, the public relations industry always involves interacting with the media, which may include television, radio, website, social networking, to communicate with the stakeholders and build a goodwill for the company. This essay will be focusing on exploring and evaluating the use and role of English in the Public Relation Industry through TV advertisements.

With the advantage of being a renowned International financial city and part of China, Hong Kong has a huge business opportunity for the PR industry. Hong Kong’s PR industry does not only put their focuses on the local market; they also globalize their business as, on one hand, they help international companies to enter the China market and, on the other hand, they help and promote Chinese companies to the world. Hong Kong’s PR industry actually functions as a bridge that links the China market and the world. For instance, DT Communications which is a Hong Kong PR firm helped an American fashion brand, Forever 21, to launch their business in China. DT Communications made a series of campaigns for Forever 21 to intensify the brand’s image, draw the attentions from the media and fit in the market. They highlighted how special the brand is and intensify the original brand’s image when they were promoting it; In order to draw attentions from the media and to fit in the market, local social celebrities were invited to join the fashion shows and VIP nights and they used Weibo, instead of Facebook or Twitter, as a tool to promote the brand through the social media. Eventually, Forever 21 received massive publicity in the China market and it became a trendy fashion icon among the teens within a year.

As mentioned before, PR uses media to generate the company’s or the brand’s image; and we can actually find out that how they work that out through advertisements. Putting advertisements on TV channels is a common method used by the PR to promote a company or a brand as using advertisement is an interesting and effective way to gain attentions from the public in an easier way.
I would like to focus on the TV advertisements which are related to international/ non-local brands in Cantonese basic channels and classify the advertisements mainly in two categories, which are using English throughout the whole ad, and using English partially in the ad respectively and provide an example of each category.

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