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First stage research, in-depth interviewsFor the first stage of research in depth interviews were employees to generate the ideas, directions and question wording is to be used in the second stage of the research. These interviews could last for up to two or three hours. We feel to obtain or generate better ideas; directions and question wording for the second phase a focus group to study would have yielded the better results. The main problems with in depth interviews are quotation marks the data obtained are difficult to analyze and interpret, and the services of skills psychologists are typically required, quotation marks and quotation marks Skills interviewer's capable of conducting depth interviews are expensive and difficult to find quotation marks (Malhotra 2000). But the time spent collecting data for just one interview was too long, and as a result respondents would have been reluctant to take part in this study. The material required for this research is generally of an exploratory nature and so focus groups would have been more suited. By combining groups of similar age and sex researcher "records the new issues that are rolls and be able to segments of the views more effectively into more specific groups. Also focus groups would have greatly reduced the data collection time and costs.The in depth interviews were carried out with men, women and teenagers in the metropolitan New York area. We believe that it could be argued that this was not an accurate representation of the entire population. We feel that before the research was conducted information on ABC1's, C2's and DE should have been collected in order to assess whether the information collected was easily transferable to the general population.Second stage research, surveyThe sample size of 1,970 was we believe a sufficient number to provide results which could be transferred to the total population. The method in which they carried out the research, in home interviews, was the best choice available to them. However, the inclusion of teenagers in some of the study may have distorted the results; while it was appropriate to question teenagers about their consumption of soft drinks it was not appropriate to question them about their usage of mixers. Teenagers paging from thirteen-eighteen years would have had no experience of consuming spirits with the aid of a mixer.Research designResearch was conducted using a six point scale ranging from, 'extremely desirable' to 'not at all desirable', there appears to be an absence of a central point on this scale and so the results could have been distorted. Perhaps results would have been better if a semantic differential scale had been use instead of the likart scale. The basic phrase list which comprised of 125 phrases was excessive and respondents should not have been expected to evaluate all of these. The demographics question asked about income and education, in this case respondents may felt uncomfortable divulging such information...

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