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Case Study: Houses

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GEK1016/AR1222 HISTORY & THEORY OF MODERN ARCHITECTURECASE STUDY HOUSESSubmited by Tutorial Group 11:U077674A - Mark Chen U077666E - Leong Soon YuanU077677M - Lim Wei LunU077690Y - Ashley YongU077671U-Neo Hwee TiatU077676B-Edwin ChiaCase Study HousesChapter 1 - BriefThe idea of American Modernism came about before World War Two, aims to create, improve, and reshape the environment with the aid of scientific knowledge, technology and practical experiment.1 However, the rise of architecture in American Modernism was slowed down with breakout of World War Two where most of the attentions were focused on the war commitments. Thus, as soon as the war was over during 1945, architectural activities sprang up quickly. Along with the line of thoughts of American Modernism, art is to be included in everyday life and in touch with the general public. Case Study Houses Programme was then introduced as one of the main strategy to push forward the idea. The Case Study Programme was carried out mainly in Los Angeles, San Francisco and one in Phoenix, Arizona. This series of case study houses works like an exhibition too; the house has to be open to the public for viewing 6-8 weeks after completion. For its first six houses, 350,000 visitors went. The Case Study Houses Programmes lasted until 1966 due to the American intervention into the Vietnam War where attention and finance was once again diverted to war commitments.3Chapter 2 - Characteristic/Ideology of the movementThe main players of the Case Study Houses Programme includes John Entenza who was the organizer, who later invited Raphael Soriano, Charles Eames, Craig Ellwood, Pierre Koenig, Richard Neutra and William Wurster as the participants. This program is sponsered through John Entenza's Arts and Architecture magazine, which it plays a significant role in the developement of American Modernisation.2There were several aims of the Case Study Houses Programme which mainly addresses the problem of providing homes for millions of returning soldiers after the World War II. At the same time, America is going through programs in other industries such as argiculture; eg the Bracero program. These show the boom in economy and population after the World War II.By having the general idea of producing cost efficient housing rapidly, it affects upon the general design qualities and characteristic of the houses. For instance, the design of houses was to bear the capability of duplications (prototyping), easy construction as well as cost cutting. This greatly affects on the choice of materials being used in achieving its characteristic. As the materials to be used were different from the houses during that time, houses were believed to carry different outlook which had not been built before. These materials were used in building bridges and sky scrapers. Thus, there is this need to influence the public taste towards the acceptance of this new ideology. This soon became an opposition against the various movements...

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