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Case Study: Impact On Children Of Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence, And Mental Illness

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Studies have shown that children who grow up in families where there is substance misuse, mental illness or domestic violence are more vulnerable to significant harm (Kendall-Taylor and Mikulak 2009).Children’s vulnerability usually stems from the effects of substance misuse, domestic violence or mental illness on parenting ability. Substance misuse, domestic violence and mental illness can result in parent’s finding it difficult to organize their lives to meet both their personal needs and their children’s physical, emotional and social needs. Parents may also find it difficult to control their reactions and adverse mood fluctuations, thus, many children are often affected and some even for a life time .Naturally this can terrify children and leave them feeling fretful, uncertain and over cautious. Vulnerability such as the effects of maternal drug or alcohol misuse or direct physical attacks on the abdominal region of a pregnant woman, may even extend to the unborn child.

Substance Misuse
The term 'misuse' has different contextual applications. When applied to substances such drugs (whether prescribed or illicit) or alcohol, it simply means that the usage of the substance in question is too much (excessive) and may cause harm to the concerned individual either by directly affecting daily endeavors, or by gradually destroying a normal life. Usage of legal drugs such as nicotine, caffeine, or alcohol without much thought is often common with many people (National Alliance on Mental Illness USA 2011). It may cause difficulties in relationships or affect performance at home and at work. According to findings, persistent use of one or more of these substances often leads to some level of tolerance in the affected individual. This means that the person has to consume large amounts of the substance to get the preferred result. Discontinuing the substance may lead to withdrawal symptoms affecting the individual both psychologically and physically.
The increasing misuse of substance is attracting attention both nationally and internationally. In England and Walesin 2009/2010, 8.6% of adults (16 - 59 years) had consumed at least one or more illicit drug within the last year, juxtaposed with 10.1% in 2008/2009. This is an overall drop from 11.1% in 1996 (Eastwood 2011). However, a rising trend has been reported for alcohol abuse in England. In addition, many countries have also reported that gay and bisexual men experience problems curbing the abuse of alcohol and substance abuse. Alcohol related harms are of an increasing concern to the public health community. According to WHO, tragedies such as road traffic accidents, poisonings, burns, falls and drowning make up more than 33% of the disease burden as a result of substance misuse.
Beneficial effects of regular intake of small amounts of alcohol such as red wine have been suggested by some research. In spite of this, alcohol dependence can be potentially disastrous and it can also lead to social...

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