Case Study: Implementing A Fast Food Restaurant In Four Diverse Countries

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While there are many active fast food businesses in four countries, our business or organization will be relatively new locations. Therefore, it will be important that the company take into consideration the various cultural differences it is likely to experience in the three countries. By taking a second analysis at the different characteristic of the people of Israel, Arab Emirates, Mexico, and China, the organization will have to keep in mind or be mindful of the values, employees, customers, and possible new training that will be necessary or required for development. Using London as an example, the citizens of this country are quite familiar with fast food because it is considered as a western style of eating. In my opinion, I do not foresee any difficulties running a fast-food hamburger franchise in Israel, for a matter of fact it will be less difficult for the employees to adjust (Chaney & Martin, 2013).

Even though the citizens of Arab Emirates are familiar with fast food, there are other important disparities that the company has to be mindful of. The normal view or perception is that Britain is a nation of fatties whose voracious appetite for fast food is the result of the swift expansion of restaurant chains such as Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), McDonald's and Burger King. But in terms of outlet numbers, the real growth story is actually with chains perceived to have a healthy eating image. Taking into consideration the healthy eating image, our organization will strive in that area because the business will distinguish itself from amongst the already common presence of fast food in that Western nation. The organization will cater to the citizens of Arab Emirates growing interest for more nutritional and healthy fast food options.

Nonetheless, to distinguish our organization from among the other fast food restaurant in the nation, the differences between the American style of fast food eating and the citizen of Arab Emirates lifestyle should or will be highlighted or emphasized on a consistent basis. In my opinion, this behavior will be helpful because it will help us to differentiate ourselves in a somewhat nearly saturated market. Altogether, the work ethics of the citizen of Arab Emirates is somewhat similar to the citizens of the U.S.; therefore, there is no need to provide training on any new skills.

However, an analysis of the other two countries Mexico and China revealed a huge difference. After conducting a research it was discovered that Mexico is doing very poorly in the tourism market. Many people from other countries view Mexico as a dangerous place to live much less to spend vacation. Owing to this new development, fast food, while it is still popular, is experiencing a slow turnover within the market. Besides, after an alarming 2009, pre-crisis sales levels that was estimated at Mx$1.95 trillion achieved in 2008, it was assumed that it will not be met again until 2012. Likewise, a number of outlets are also expected...

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