Case Study Mama Products (Customer Service Strategy, Relationship Between Internal Customers And Supply Chain Management, Jit And Tqm)

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1. IntroductionThe purpose of this project is to analyze and evaluate the operations of Mama Products distribution company in respect to several factors: the role of internal customer in the development of effective value supply chain management, customer service strategy, and on the recommendations regarding the possible implementation of JIT and TQM concepts into the company's operation.Throughout the project and the discussion regarding mentioned factors, we will show how closely related all these factors are and how they affect each other. For instance, the internal customers are crucial in establishing an effective value added supply chain. This is closely related to the concepts of JIT and TQM, where its management and successful implementation directly depends on both the internal customers (employees training and education, top management commitment, etc.) and supply chain (suppliers - establishing cooperative relationship). Furthermore, the internal customers and effectiveness of value chain management are the major influencers of the quality level of customer service.From the above we can see the interrelation between all issues that are discussed in more details in the other part of the project. However, there is serious doubt of whether the company is and will be able to implement these factors due to environment it operates in, and the overall culture and attitudes in the region. Although, in the last part of the project JIT and TQM importance was emphasized and some recommendations have been provided, but it is highly unlikely, at least for in the near future, that any company in the region will be able to implement these philosophies into everyday operations.2. The Role of Internal Customer in the Development of effective Value Supply Chain ManagementAccording to Marshall et al (1998) a growing interest is emerging in service quality issues in both business-to-business and business-to-consumers market, from the perspective of constituencies internal to organization. Furthermore, many authors have emphasized a strong impact that internal customers have on external service quality, customer satisfaction, and company's profitability. (Addey, 1999; Marshall et al 1998)It is suggested that organizational units should provide high level of service quality to internal customers for some of the same reasons they provide it to external customers - more effective performance, lower waste, and lower costs. In addition, Marshall et al (1998) argued that improved internal customer service should have a positive impact on an external customer service. The same author reported that the internal customers play not only the role of satisfying the external customers, but as well they have a high impact on the overall firm performance which is represented through a value-added supply chain management.Before we proceed with further discussion, the explanation and brief overview of supply chain management will proceed below.Many academics have...

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