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Case Study Max

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Running head: ISAGANI-MIDTERM EXAMINATION CASE STUDY13ISAGANI-MIDTERM EXAMINATION CASE STUDYSOWK 503SPRING 2014 MID TERM EXAMINATIONELIZABETH RILEYMARCH 5, 2014PROFESSOR TYAN PARKER-DOMINGUEZIntroductionThe focus of this paper is to assess a case study involving a young child. Isagani, a five year old boy, has been brought to the department at SOS Services for a mental health assessment. His mother is concerned about his recent change in behavior. The mother explains that her husband, the boy's father, recently passed away. And it wasn't too long after his passing that Isagani began to develop behavioral issues, both at school and at home.Based on this information, the social worker must determine the basis of this presenting behavior in order to provide the most appropriate intervention for the child and his family. This process involves an analysis of the situation. The social worker will rely on his/her knowledge of theoretical perspectives to determine what theoretical model or theoretical scripts would be most appropriate in treating Isagani.This paper is divided into two parts. The first half of the paper will examine the child's biological, psychological and social development to determine whether he has met his developmental milestones for normal development. A brief analysis of his environmental and sociocultural factors will also be done in order to determine their impact on the child's developmental progress. Once this examination is complete, it will be matched with a theoretical perspective that is most appropriate to Isagani's situation. In this section, the application and combination of, two theoretical models will provide a more comprehensive understanding of the child's presenting behavior. The treatment or intervention decided upon by the social worker will be the most effective and appropriate for Isagani and his family.Question 1: This child appears to have met his biological, psychological and social developmental milestones (0-5) and neurobiology at the appropriate time. An analysis of the child's case study assessment was conducted to determine the degree in which he met his expectations for normal development.Isagani was a healthy, full term baby who was delivered by a midwife. It is assumed here that if there were any complications during childbirth, it would have been noted by his mother during the initial assessment meeting. As an infant he slept up to 12-16 hours a day, cried when wet or hungry and liked to suck on his fingers, pacifier or anything else he could bring to his mouth. By three months Isagani would turn his head in the direction of his mothers' voice. And by six months, he was rolling over, smiling and making his parents laugh. This information all indicate normal postnatal and infant development. He begins to show more independence and self-confidence during his toddler stage of development. This is revealed by his wanting to climb into his own car seat by himself at the age of two. By the time he...

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