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Case Study Of A Business

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Case Study of a Business

Rexam PLC is a Consumer Packaging company. Consumer Packaging is the
packaging that reaches the consumer, e.g. Bottles and cans etc. Rexam
PLC is the parent company of Rexam Glass LTD among other companies,
and it is based in Britain. Rexam PLC has multiple business

One of their activities is the production of beverage cans and
bottles, and almost 80% of Rexam PLC's sales come from beverage
packaging. Rexam PLC is the biggest manufacturer in the world for
producing beverage cans. In a year they can expect to produce over 40
billion cans, with 38 beverage can plants in America and Europe. Rexam
PLC also make plastic and glass beverage bottles, and is a leading
manufacturer in these areas of business.

Rexam PLC also works in other areas of business, healthcare (drug
dispensing machines etc), beauty (make up deodorant sticks etc) and
food (containers for dairy products etc).

More importantly though Rexam PLC own Rexam Glass LTD. I shall go on
to explain Rexam Glass LTD's core and peripheral activities in detail,
and how these activities help Rexam Glass LTD to meet the aims and
objectives sat by the company.

Rexam Glass LTD is one of Rexam PLC's 12 manufacturing factories in
Northern Europe. The Rexam Glass Glass LTD which is based in Monk
Bretton, Barnsley, England, is the biggest glass making site in

Rexam Glass LTD is a major player in the glass making business, and
the Monk Bretton site can expect to make in excess of £100 million
turnover per annum, producing a huge 360,000 metric tonnes of glass in
a year making it the largest container production factory in Europe in
terms of production output.

Rexam Glass's core activity is producing glass containers for a few
large customers, as it is cheaper to have a few large customer orders,
instead of a lot of little ones, as they don't have extra money to
spend lots of extra on more machinery as each customer will want a
different type of container style depending on what the customer wants

Rexam Glass's major customers include Bacardi Martini, who sell Alco
pops to a mainly younger generation (18-30 etc), and Nestle who sell a
variety of products to people of all ages, including coffee jars.

The styles of and size of these containers range from 2oz Bovril jars,
to 1 gallon whisky bottles, to Bacardi- Martini beverage bottles,
which are in nearly every club, pub, and retailer in the country.

The raw materials which make the final product are baked in a furnace
at 2000°C, cut into shape, and put in a lehr, which is a conveyor belt
which goes into an oven to get rid of the stresses and strains in the
glass products. The raw materials used to produce the glass are, soda
ash which is delivered from Cheshire, limestone which is brought in

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