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Case Study Of Boost Juice Bar

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325-104Principles of MarketingCase AnalysisofBoost Juice BarsTABLE OF CONTENTS1. Table of Contents 22. Executive Summary 33. Overview of The Boost Juice 44. The External Environment and recommendation 4-65. Product and recommendation 6-86. Promotion and recommendation 8-107. Place and recommendation 10-128. Price 12-149. Conclusions 1410. References 15-16Executive SummaryBoost juice Bars have been a growing success since they opened in 2000. Although there are other competitors, Boost manages to stay in front by augmenting and extending their products. They segment and choose target market to achieve most effective advertising and maximise sales. Boost Juice is a convenience good, currently in the maturity phase of the product life cycle with strong brand equity and brand loyalty. They differentiate in augmented layer with its well known brand, bright packaging and convenience. The promotion achieves strong awareness by changing with social trends, having a colourful, engaging environment and successful campaigns. Boost is now expanding not only in Australia but also overseas. Their stores are small, colourful and strategically located in high foot traffic areas. They now distribute their goods in supermarkets as well as the stores. As boost juice is in maturity phase of PLC is has chosen a stability pricing objective.OVERVIEW OF BOOST JUICEBoost Juice, offers healthy, fast drinks in Australia and was established in 2000. Boost Juice is the fastest growing fruit juice bar in the southern hemisphere, founded by Janine Allis in Adelaide (Wren, 2005). Boost Juice is growing rapidly as an amazing retail case, turning over $90mill a year with over 3000 staff members (Light, 2006) expanding from the first founding juice bar in Adelaide in 2000 to over 200 stores world wide.There are ranges of great tasting juices or smoothies sold by Boost which offers healthy convenience and the augmentation of various products also enhances the satisfaction of the consumers' needs from different groups.THE EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENTVarious juice bars are popping up all around the market and Boost faces a large number of competitors such as Bubble Cup, Tropicana juice, Minute Maid juice and Sunny Delight. Some of them may own similar recipes and ways to make their products.As a competitor, Tropicana Juice bar provides a combination of special ingredients, which offers customers a "natural high" and also a reasonable price (Katsudon, 2007).The brand Bubble Cup is not as healthy as other fresh natural juice bars but many retail stores exist, it is quite popular among the young people due to its cheap price as well as various tastes.Boost Juice implements demographic, psychographic and behavioural variables as a basis to select its target market. People who prefer to have quick, fresh and nutritious juices with the highest quality and no added artificiality will consider Boost as a favourable brandOn the other hand, Boost Juice is subject to seasonal restrictions. Sales could...

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