Case Study Of Hospital Management Issues

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Case Study Analysis: Faith Community HospitalThe article entitled: Let it Pour - My First Assignment as Executive Assistant, exposes three major problems that Faith Community Hospital is faced with. Chris Smith, a recently promoted Executive Assistant, has been enlisted to assist the troubled Chief Executive Officer diagnose and solve these issues. Chris is a recent UOPHX graduate who is very excited to have been chosen to help the CEO with such an important task. The problems which this article exposed appear to be crucial to the overall operational success of the hospital.Identifying The ProblemsAfter carefully analyzing the case study, two primary issues appear in to be at the root of many of the organizations problems and thus Pat's (CEO) problems. The first problem stems from the fact that: "medical errors cause tens of thousands of deaths each year, close to 100,000 in hospitals alone" (University of Phoenix material, n.d.).The increase in medical errors and the 1999 Institute Of Medicine (IOM) report on preventable medical errors and subsequent studies are compelling providers to implement Clinical Data Repositories (CDRs); however, a complete enterprise view of their patients is required to ensure the CDR contains all known information about individual patients regardless of where the information resides in the enterprise (Wagner, 2004).The CEO is concerned with the ethical, moral and legal aspects of Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) directives and the effects that religious beliefs have on the hospital's customer base. DNR directives hold the patients right to refuse treatment in high regard. Many terminally ill patients opt for DNR directives when they feel all other avenues have been explored and their chance at good quality of life have been exhausted. This is a very sensitive topic and has been actively debated for many years. The CEO has a very controversial decision to make on this topic and must approach it gingerly.The second issue facing the Pat and Chris is the rising cost of healthcare and the most effective way to keep the hospital from having to cut services in order to avoid showing a loss. Although Faith Community Hospital is technically a "not for profit" organization, the Board of Directors still need to see a "profit" in order for the hospital to remain in operation. Pat and Chris have some controversial decisions to make concerning cost cutting efforts and appropriate pricing plans. This problem faces many other hospital administrators and staff and presents a valuable learning opportunity for Chris.Criteria, Goals and ObjectivesThe issue regarding DNR directives must involve interaction with religious beliefs, medical ethics, and customer perception. Chris and Pat must find a "common ground" that addresses the religious beliefs of the hospital Board of Directors, the medical ethics of the physicians, and the moral beliefs of the community as a whole. The main goal of this decision will address the needs of all these groups...

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