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Case Study Of Innocent Marketing Mix

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In 1998, three Cambridge graduates sell their first innocen t smoothie at a small music festival. After 15 years development, innocent has developed into an international brand, which has £209million turnover in 2012 , and becomes the biggest smoothie brand in Europe (Innocent, 2013a). In 2013, Coca Cola has increased their stake in innocent from 58% to more than 90%, since then innocent step into a new area.
From a small stall to an international company, Innocent has never stopped developing their marketing strategy and achieved a dramatic improvement. However, in some respects, innocent remains potential disadvantages.
Palmer (2004:18-23) divided the marketing mix into 7 elements: product, price, place, promotion, people, processes, and physical evidence. The purpose of this case study is to analyse its marketing strategy from 4 elements: product, price, place and promotion. Next it is to compare and contrast innocent and their competitor. Finally, we will conclude the marketing strategy of innocent, and find out some feasibility measure.
Based on the three-level analysis of the product offer (Palmer, 2004:253-254), the product of innocent mainly belongs to the core level and the secondary level. The core level product provided by innocent is their drink and food. The company has consistently provided new product to their customers. In the past 15 years, they totally sold 9 kinds of product to market, smoothies, juice, extra juice smoothie, kid smoothies, kid juice, kids fruity water, noodle pots, veg pots and fruit tubes (Innocent, 2013b). In all of those products, smoothies are the core product of innocent. However, it is already in the saturation stage of product life-cycle. Many competitors has sold similar product to seize the markets. For example, the Spanish juice brand has launched one-liter smoothies to challenge innocent position in one and a half years ago, and now, it is sold in Tesco, Ocado, Asda and Morrison stores (Bamford, 2013). By searching from Tesco website, it can be found 58 brands sells smoothies product (Tesco, 2013a). In the juice market, the competition is keener. A total of 1128 kinds juice which produce by more than 120 brands are sold in Tesco (Tesco, 2013b). The innocent juices do not have obvious advantages in them. Considering those elements, innocent should do more effort on their new product research. The secondary level of product offered by innocent is their packaging. The innocent designers think the packaging is the best way to communicate with their drinkers, and changing their label every few months. Now, Innocent website displays 35 kinds package in different period (innocent, 2013c). Richard Reed, the co-founder of innocent, said they are a food and design company, taste and look is same important to innocent (Reed, 2013). In 2007, innocent claimed they become the world first put smoothie into bottles made by 100% recycle PET, which would save over 1000 tones of C02 in next year (Design council,...

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