Case Study Of Kerala And Bangladesh.

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The children in Kerala live as long as those in Europe, people in Kerala have managed to conquer hunger and are mostly no longer malnourished; however there are still some who suffer from severe dehydration following diarrhoea. There is a 400% better chance of survival better than those in Bangladesh. The food is shared more equally in Kerala due to food reforms in food distribution. The price of food was kept low, to do this they use Fair Price Food Shop, the government subsidise the price of food. So people learn the value of it, but can still afford it. Kerala has a communist government meaning they help the people and help them equally.In contrast Bangladesh relies heavily on aid and there is a lot of evidence in the video to support malnutrition, 50,000 children per year go blind due to mineral deficiency. There are many children with hearing and speech defects, and are mentally underdeveloped due to malnutrition, the well off middle classes have subsidised food, housing, education, water, etc. This means that the people who really need it do not get it, they are subsidised even though they don't need it because they are the ones who keep the government in power.Bangladesh.There are huge contrasts in these two countries are poor, densely populated and do not have many work opportunities. The differences occur because in Kerala pressure from the groups supplying the aid meant that their food policies were changed to support the greater good of the population, however in Bangladesh the aid is controlled solely by the government so they give it to those who do not need as much as some, but are more likely to keep the government in power. Bangladesh used to be self sufficient though, until the British colonised it, but they left and in 1971 Bangladesh found independence from Pakistan. This brought famine with it as the British had removed the crops that were grown for food, in favour of crops that they could make money off of to make ropes and fabrics. Bangladesh is an example of a dependency culture as it receives 2 million tonnes of aid in food and relies almost solely on it.They also receive a lot of project aid. Foreign governments provided the aid and the World Bank distributes it. Unfortunately this does not seem to benefit the people of Bangladesh very much as a report commissioned by Canada showed that the aid was no feeding those in rural areas, some rural families were receiving absolutely no aid at all, as I have mentioned the government gives it to the suburban middle classes, but also to the army and police, basically everyone who has the ability to destabilise the governments power. They subsidise the things for these people using foreign aid, but it is of course the people in the rural areas who really need the aid. They don't see any of it, so go hungry explaining the number of children malnourished and under developed.Even when the aid does get to the rural areas politics still plays a large role, it is given to the local...

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