Case Study Of Two Organizations; Pharmacy Board Of Australia (Ahpra) And The Pharmacy Guild Of Australia

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Case study of human life and pharmacy organizations rule
This case study about a Mrs. Freda Jenkins, a sixty-eight year old pensioner visits her General Practitioner (GP). Her blood pressure has been rising steady over the years, and therefore the (GP) gave her a medicine (script was in handwriting), at that time Mrs. Freda Jenkins went to a local pharmacy, the main story began from here, the pharmacy assistance gave a wrong medication to Mrs. Jenkins as the pharmacist was very busy on the phone with a Busy day, additionally the printer in the pharmacy wasn't operating.
After sometime while Mrs. Jenkins visited her friend, Mrs. Jenkins remembers that she is a little low on the tablet and went to a different pharmacy where the same thing happened, she got the wrong medicine, Mrs. Jenkins began to feel unwell, dropped again to the General Practitioner, doctor sees blood pressure is not under control and asked to double her daily dose of ...view middle of the document...

• Issues & Resources: such as Certificates for absence from work.
• Research and Development identify research and development priority areas in
community pharmacy service provision.
With Discussion with Pharmacy Board of Australia results
• The first Pharmacist need to check the script and should not leave it to pharmacist assistant to give the medication.
• Pharmacist Busy on the phone.
• Printer was not working.
• Script handwriting hard to read.

• •

• • •
Investigation would result against second pharmacist because did not call the first pharmacy to double check if Mrs. Jenkins getting the right medicine (continued error).
The second pharmacist did not use barcode scanners in dispensing process.
Case study with The Pharmacy Guild of Australia results
The script may have been hard to read because of the handwriting and pharmacy should call the general Practitioner to double check the right medicine.
Wrong medicine supplied and disputation in dispensary.
Dispensing and check failed to identify error.
Should have to use electronic transfer of prescriptions to not make error in future.
§ A pharmacist should carry out all compounding or directly supervise trained staff involved in compounding activities.
§ Pharmacists should not compound preparations if they do not have suitable facilities or equipment. Some compounding techniques.
As a result they have found the error began with the general Practitioner because the handwriting was not easily legible. To fix this error, computers should be used to type the script to make it clear to read. Also when Mrs. Freda Jenkins visited (GP) the second time, he did not check the pensioner, instead instructed her to double dose the medication.
Second error happened when the pharmacy did not check the medicine and the pharmacist assistant helped with the script. And at the same time the printer was not working. Further, the second pharmacist did not call the first pharmacy to double check the medication in order to identify any suspected error, after all these complications Mrs. Jenkins ended up in the hospital, lucky she has not suffered long term effects.

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