Case Study Of Urban Structures: Vancouver, B.C.

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Case Study of Urban Structures:Vancouver, B.C.******IB Geography Year 1Mr. ******October 29 2008Vancouver is a major coastal city in the Pacific Northwest region and is the largest city in the province of British Columbia. Located on a peninsula, Vancouver is an ethnically diverse city, home to over 600,000 people, 52% of which have a first language other than English. The city of Vancouver is divided into 23 districts and is a major hub for immigration.Burgess' Concentric Model, 1924Burgess' Concentric Model does not fit the city of Vancouver very well because Vancouver is not a concentric city and does not fulfill many of the Burgess' initial assumptions. According the Burgess' model, cities expand outwards concentrically in social-economic groupings, much like the shape of waves water when an object strikes the surface of the water. Because Burgess' based his model on the city of Chicago in 1924, he assumed that the city lay on flat land and that the transportation system was of equal significance to everyone in every direction. This however, does not accurately reflect Vancouver's geographical or socio-economic groupings. In my map of Vancouver, there is no evidence of any concentric activity in terms of residential groupings: the wealthy tend to live on the west, the middle class tends to reside on the south and southeast, and the lower class tends to live directly east of downtown. The transportation system does not provide equal access to all, nor does the city sit on flat land. Vancouver is a city of ethnic diversity because it not only hosts a variety of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds but also spreads these ethnic backgrounds evenly and distinct ethnic communities are less common. Although places like Little Italy, Chinatown, Japantown, and Greektown were historically distinct regions, they are no long segregated and many of these immigrants have chosen to live outside these districts. Because Vancouver does not have a strong immigrant-based inner city nor is there evidence of concentric zoning activity, Burgess' Concentric Model is not an accurate representation of Vancouver city.Hoyt's Sector Model, 1939Hoyt's Sector Model fits to some extent with Vancouver city. Although Vancouver's transport routes are no longer important in deciding land usage since many residents own cars, the high-class residential and manufacturing industry still repel each other. Hoyt was correct in predicting that in areas such as Shaughnessy and Southlands, wealthy people choose the best sites and they are able to afford living further from industry and manufacturing. However, Hoyt's model cannot be applied to Vancouver completely because opulent areas such as Southlands tend to stay away from main lines of communication since they have sufficient transportation to get them around the city. In some ways, Vancouver does resemble a "wedge" shape expansion because the wealthy have expanded west of the CBD, the middle class southeast, and the lower...

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