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Case Study On Sandra Templeton Her Employee's Lack Of Respect And Being Late To Meetings

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After reading the case study on Sandra Templeton, I believe Sandra's main problem is the lack of respect from the fourteen other managers and directors. I sense that possibly the other managers are resentful that Sandra was promoted and they were looked over.Sandra's authority will be tested, and attendees showing up late for her meetings are just the beginning of those tests.I feel that Sandra should set meeting ground ...view middle of the document...

With the rules being presented, Sandra will have this document in writing with signatures when those rules are brokenand therefore consequences can be given. Sandra has the choice to make the consequences a three-strike concept or more harsh with written reprimand and possibletermination. It may sound extreme, but I believe rules must be in place or employees, no matter what title they hold, will not know limits and therefore, test them frequently. If there rules are in place and they are broken, there is no one to blame but themselves.I have heard of some corporate America companies that charge "late fees" of $5 per minute for each minute late to a manager meeting.I would advise Sandra to also move her meeting time and day. Mondays are not good meeting days as most people are having to adjust to being back at work fromthe weekend and the time of 2pm is not a good time, in my opinion, because after lunch people are tired and looking forward to 5pm. With a morning meeting, Sandra couldprovide just enough donuts to those that arrive early. It is good that Sandra has the meeting at the same time each week as this will allow attendees to mentally prepare for the meetings.

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