Case Study On The Loan System Of City Bank Ltd

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1.0 ORGANIZATIONAL DESCRIPTION1.1 Introduction:The City Bank Limited is the first private sector bank in Bangladesh. It was incorporated on 14th March 1983 as a Public Limited Company under the Companies Act- 1913. The noble intention behind starting of this Bank was to bring about a qualitative change in the sphere of banking and financial management. It got Certificate of Commencement of Business on 3rd March 1983 and formally started banking operation from 27th March 1983 through Bangabandhu Avenue Branch at Gulistan building. Now the Bank serves its customers at home and abroad with 76 branches and about 300 overseas connections. The services encompass wide diversified areas of trade, commerce and Industry, tailored to the specific needs of the customers and are distinguished by an exceptional level of prompt and personal attention. Over the years, the Bank has expanded the spectrums of its services. The extensive and ever growing domestic network provides and carries various products and services to the doorsteps of millions. The City Bank Limited has already introduced some new Banking Products like Credit Card, ATM, and SWIFT etc, which created attraction among the clients. The Bank is going to introduce Real Time On-line Integrated Banking System with all modern delivery channels. The Bank?s services have always received appreciation for the warmth and hospitality and have a set of landmark of achievement at home and abroad. The authorized capital of the bank is Taka. 400,00,00,000 as on end-December 2002.The paid up capital of the bank stood at Taka. 240, 000,000 as on end-December 2002.1.2 Company's Vision:To become the leading commercial bank in the country and contribute maximum to the welfare of the people of the country.1.3 Company's Mission:To enjoy the trust and confidence of the customers through cultivation of relationship banking.1.4 Company's Objectives:To earn customer satisfaction through diversified banking activities and introduction of innovation banking.1.5 Company's Effort:To achieve the above goals through fully motivated, committed and dedicated work force.1.6 Company's Overall Performance:Bank, as financial institution is a service-oriented organization. It provides financial services to the economy by mobilizing fund from surplus unit to deficit unit. Bank mobilizes funds by introducing various financial products. Efficient & effective fund mobilization depends on individual bank's capability of designing financial products. The City Bank Limited is also trying to design the financial product efficiently. Nevertheless, Vision may differ from the reality.The City Bank Limited has a vision and mission to improve the financial sector of Bangladesh (i.e. economic condition of Bangladesh) by providing effective and innovative banking and financial product in financial market. Performance in the field of deposit mobilization, credit disbursement, foreign trade, remittance and earning of profit has over shadowed the...

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