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1. How do you conceptualize Pat’s situation? I see Pat’s situation as a client that has a strong external force that is influencing her situation. I do not feel that Pat has a solid of idea of whom she may be or what she would like as a career. The only thing that is certain is that Pat does not want to become a chef. She seems to have other creative aspirations; however, she has not had the opportunity to explore those options because of her circumstances.
2. Would it make a difference is Pat was male or female? It seems that Pat is being forced into a career that is predominantly a male occupation. As, Niles and Harris-Bolwsbey indicate, many females in the workforce tend to use their career as a tool to develop their social networks (2009, p. 136). I think this may a factor to take into consideration as a reason for why she does not like the option of being a chef.
3. Would it make a difference if Pat were Caucasian or a member of a racial minority? I do not think in this specific situation that race would make a difference. The question that I see more relevant is the issue of culture. Culture could be a possible explanation for why her father is pushing her to be self-sufficient by the time she is 18. Race may play a small issue in her not liking the cooking profession; however I think the cultural pressures, specifically the generation difference between her and her parents, need to be addressed.
4. What if Pat had a disability? The case study did not say Pat has a physical disability but the thought that did cross my mind is that she may have a learning disability. The cooking profession is a very fast paced field. Pat may be not a s quick as the profession demands which could cause her to not like the occupation. As Niles and Harris Bowlsbey indicate, individuals with disabilities lag behind those without disabilities in virtually every economic indicator (2009, p. 140). As well, it could be a explanation for why Pat has low self-efficacy and why her peers are ridiculing her for daydreaming are her aspirations to be a poet or actor.
5. Would is make a difference if Pat was a lesbian? Yes, it is a consideration to look at. During the phases of identity development, in terms of sexual orientation, individuals negotiate their culture, beliefs, and...

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